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Quotes / Quantity vs. Quality

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"The second advantage is even less tangible, Adele, but it's more important. It's the fact we are the RCN. We know it and they know it. Every Alliance spacer from [Admiral] Guphill to the Landsmen in Training knows that know matter how many ships they have, they've always got to expect us to go for their throats. Deep in their hearts, they're afraid and they know we aren't. We're the RCN."
Commander Daniel Leary, RCN: When the Tide Rises

Quantity has a Quality all its own.
—Attributed to Joseph Stalin.

Even with the use of Heroic Spirit Emiya's eyes, analyzing that sword, let alone reproducing it, was impossible.
Shirou: Oh, wow...I'm honored you'd bring something like that out just for me. There's no sword in this world that could stand equal to it. So...while it may be a bit rude, I'll have to pay you back with all the swords I have in stock!
Angelica: It's futile! Even if you pile all your blades together, they are no match for the strongest sword!
Famed swords, treasured swords, honed swords, divine swords, cursed swords, magic swords, razor swords, blunt swords. It made no difference, every last one was torn asunder.


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