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Quotes / Pyrrhic Villainy

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Here lies everything
The world I wanted at my feet
My victory's complete
So hail to the king...

There's no happy ending
So they say
Not for me, anyway

"They don’t have your back, Cherie. They’re going to kill you someday. Probably sooner than later, when you’re no longer useful and they want the thrill of the hunt again. You’ve probably seen what they can do. Fates worse than death. Just don’t ask for my help when you realize it’s happening. You just screwed me over, Cherie. Don’t know why you did it, but I think you did a pretty fucking good job of it. You trying to be like Jack? Trying to act like them, pretend you have a place there? Rest assured, you screwed yourself ten times as bad as you screwed me."

"If we burn, you burn with us!"
— The motto of the rebels, directed at the Capitol, The Hunger Games

Thrawn: But the Jedi's death came at a cost, did it not? Did you really believe that holding a parade would hide the fact that you destroyed our entire fuel supply? In defeating Kanan Jarrus, you have accomplished what the rebels failed to, and given them a victory. The operation on Lothal, my TIE defender project, has been compromised.
Pryce: Uh, Grand Admiral, I-
Thrawn: I will deal with you when I return, Governor.

Thanos: Daughter?
Gamora: Did you do it?
Thanos: Yes.
Gamora: What did it cost?
Thanos: ...Everything.

Kratos: There was... a horse. The horse sought vengeance against his enemy, a stag. But he could not kill the stag alone. The horse met a man, a hunter, and made a deal. He took the man's bit and bridle, and allowed him to ride in a saddle on his back. Together, they killed the stag, and the horse tasted victory...But the hunter would not release the horse, and made a slave of him.
Atreus: So getting revenge cost him his freedom. Hope it was worth it.
Kratos: It was not.

[On Lady Death] I could force her to speak directly to me. I have the power to bend even her to my will. But what good would that do? That's not the way I wanted it to be. I desire her love, not her blind subservience. How could I have miscalculated so badly?
Thanos, the master schemer and deceiver. I set out on a quest beyond the reach of any but myself, an impossible mission. And I succeeded at it. I have wrestled the reins of power from the hands of the Supreme Being. No sentient could ever dream or hope for more than I have accomplished.
Grey Goo Avatar: You do not understand, isolated one. I come to undo a great injustice.
Grey Goo Avatar: No, isolate. That way is behind me. It is true I consumed the cosmos. I spread my body until I became the very light that speckles the night sky. I became all and all became one. And then I was alone. Do you know what it means to ''literally'' be alone in the universe? To wonder what's out there, and know without question that the answer is me. To seek a higher power and know that I am both the peak and nadir? Be the void that stares back at itself… To say "Good morning" but know you are both morning and the measure of good. To wish to talk about the weather only to realize you are raining on yourself…
Vexxarr meeting the future version of the nanobot swarm he's currently fighting.


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