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     Comic Books 

One of my first patients is Martin Hawkins. "Mad Dog." He delights in recounting to me every detail of the atrocities he inflicted on Constance and Harriet. He giggles and drools and tells me they begged him to abuse them. He calls my daughter a whore. And I listen. I treat him for six months. I am praised for my courage and compassion. And on April 1st, 1922 - one year to the day - I strap him to the electroshock couch.
It is treated as an accident. These things happen. There is ozone and the smell of burned skin in my nostrils. But I feel nothing.

Ah-ah! Back off, Moonstone! You've got to watch out for her, Hawkeye! She's a criminal psychologist — in both senses of the term! She's good at getting into people's heads — and twisting 'em inside out.
—-Songbird, Thunderbolts

     Fan Works 

Asuka glared at her. "Fine," she said. She closed her eyes, remembering that night. "He put his hands on me," she whispered, her voice shaking with rage. "He acted like he was doing me a goddamn favor by paying attention to me." She opened her eyes, her gaze fixed on some point past Misato's shoulder. "I couldn't believe it. He was supposed to be helping me, you know? You sent me there so he could help me, and he…" She shook herself, set her jaw, and continued on.
Asuka talking about her former therapist, Ghosts of Evangelion



Dr Jonathan Crane: ...Would you like to see my mask? I use it in my experiments. Now, probably not very frightening to a guy like you, but these crazies, they can't stand it.
[A jet of Fear Gas blasts him in the face, triggering off a hallucinogenic attack]
Dr Jonathan Crane: They scream, and they cry. Much as you're doing now.


Clarice Starling: And then Raspail himself... died. Why?
Dr Hannibal Lecter: Frankly, I got sick and tired of his whining. Best thing for him, really. Therapy wasn't going anywhere. I expect most psychiatrists have a patient or two they'd like to refer to me. I've never discussed this before, and now I'm getting bored with it.
Clarice Starling: And your dinner for the orchestra officials?
Dr Hannibal Lecter: Haven't you ever had people coming over and no time to shop? You have to make do with what's in the fridge, Clarice.

Sofia Lamb: I'm developing a therapeutic relationship with Nigel Weir.
Simon Wales: Weir? The warden of Persephone? He let you...
Sofia Lamb: He's a sad, disturbed little man. Under pretense of interrogating me, he asked me about himself. Indirectly, you see. I turned the interrogation on him - we even looked at his files together. I think I've persuaded him to let me do some experimenting - and therapy - on the prisoners in Persephone. He'll convince Sinclair that it's all for the benefit of Ryan's little fiefdom. But in time, I plan to organize a rebellion here, one which they will never expect. They're foolish, putting so many political prisoners in one facility - it plays right into our hands...

     Live-Action TV 

Normally, by now, I would've.... removed the skin... and head. But we need to keep her around a little longer for our purposes. We're going to continue our therapy now, Lana. You can begin... by kissing her cold lips. Don't worry. She won't bite: I took her teeth.
Bloody Face, AKA Dr Oliver Thredson, American Horror Story: Asylum

"I just wanted you to know that besides the murders, and you trying to kill me, you were the best doctor I ever had."
Monk, "Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum"

     Tabletop Games 

Every night, you wade through the vilest sewers of the human spirit. Great Set, it's invigorating! The religion might not matter much to you, but you fully accept the clan's message (as you see it) of mental health through self-indulgent degradation. Under your guidance, patients don't sink into the depths - they dive. "Malpractice" is not nearly strong enough a word for your style of psychiatry. By now, however, your herd of present and former patients includes many of your city's political, business and professional elite; they gladly do favors for the therapist who made them the happy men and women they are today... and besides, you keep photographs, just like your sire did. Your patients really, really don't want anything bad to happen to you.
Vampire: The Masquerade - Clanbook: Followers Of Set

By day, Dr Timothy sleeps in the Deep Ward, the lowest and most occulted level of the building. Through attunement and telepathy, he has trained his mind to wander through the diurnal thoughts of his patients, savoring their pleasures and pain. Conditioned patients are the only mortals who may set foot in the Deep Ward. Ordinary humans would be scarred forever by what they saw.
Vampire: The Masquerade - London By Night''

     Video Games 

The Dollmaker: You were almost there, almost free from what you fear. You could have been cured. You could have forgotten!
Alice: Abandon the memory of my family?
The Dollmaker: They are dead, and you should be too.
Alice: You misbegotten abomination! Murderer! You blood sucking parasite! The damage you've done to children - the abuse!
The Dollmaker: I provide a service. In the great and awful metropolis, appetites of all sorts must be gratified...

Scarecrow: Patient Interview 1. Patient was referred to me after the incident with Dr Murphy. He appears to have suffered a breakdown of sorts. I believe it was brought about after the loss of his wife and child. As yet, the patient has been unable to speak. Continued observation shows little mental activity. It's as if the shock of what he saw triggered his mental collapse.
Security Guard 1: There's someone in here!
Security Guard 2: It's him! We've found him!
Security Guard 1: Break down the door!
Scarecrow: Note to self - as ever, it is difficult to continue my research under such conditions...

I will enjoy dissecting your brain, Ms Kyle.
Hugo Strange, Batman: Arkham City

Pavlov made a dog salivate. We'll make this one weep.
Harrison Powell, Bioshock Infinite

Sometimes it is the body that threatens the safety of the mind. Sometimes it must be... removed.
Dr Killjoy, The Suffering

And so break down the barriers, moving us one step closer to a cure! And if that doesn't help, there's aversion therapy, electroshock treatments, the lobotomy blade, and - a newfound hobby of mine - invasive neurosurgery! But I must say, that can be much more enlightening if you're already dead...
Dr Killjoy, The Suffering: Ties That Bind

Often I reflect with great regret on the missed opportunity that was my infector. Had I been conscious after the attack, I could have stopped the orderlies from locking her in the roaming pen. What I would give for just one interview, a few simple questions of the plague-ridden woman who met her end that dawn. Of course there is no guarantee she would have been any more helpful than my current crop of test subjects. Mewling wretches! Few could be called "enthusiastic." Given the nature of the tests, I cannot expect the same fervor from all, but a modicum of cooperation would be appreciated. Animals. The one called John went so far as to gnaw off his arm and escape into the floorboards like some feral rodent. I still hear him scurrying about at night; he must be making an atrocious mess in there...


     Web Comic 

In order for therapy to work, you must find a psychologist with whom you connect. I found one. I connected in a way I had never imagined. More and more it felt as though she were inside me. But I was wrong. I should have never visited her. I should never have opened up to her! Because while she pulled me from the ashes of my life... Little by little she was dragging me to hell.


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