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"Ah, bioterrorism, the third great lesbian pasttime right after softball and having messy breakups."
Sadly, No! rebuts "’LGBT’: The ’T’ is for Tyranny"

"Where the Indendant used to be a marbled and fascinating character now she is a thoughtless parody of the same character with none of the edge that made her so riveting to watch in the first place. She is no longer an unpredictable character who can show mercy on a whim and get her claws out in an instant…nope she walks on screen and points out that she is a lesbian and then murders Brunt simply because that is the sort of thing this character does. Its so appallingly handled I’m surprised the actors didn’t object."
Joe Ford on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "The Emperor's New Clock"

Jay: Because every woman has to resort to sexuality to get her way and to get the upper hand. Every woman is part-lesbian as well.
V1: Oh yeah, AND: They're all mental.
Jay: Yes. I guess we should be grateful that they're not faking pregnancies to get their way.
V1: [laughing] Wrestling has a longstanding history of not liking woman at all.
OSW Review on the WWE Divas, Ep. 42

"The Psycho Lesbian is evil, scary, mentally unbalanced, and above all, predatory. Maybe her evil acts are driven by her lust for another female character, or maybe she makes unwanted advances on her. In more overtly ridiculous examples, she may have been straight and sane at one point, before some traumatic event turned her gay, and evil. And, of course, crazy. Her moments of expressing attraction towards other women are treated as creepy and lecherous. (This can be especially infuriating when male characters made similar comments elsewhere in the story but didn't get treated as predators for it.) More often than not, she'll be extremely violent, especially when compared to the "good" women in the story.
Oh, yeah, and she's usually dead by the time the story is done."

"You don't know the power of the Dyke Side!" snarled Sapphia, clenching a leather-clad fist.

"Children, there's a big difference between gay people, and Mr. Garrison! Do you understand that?"
Chef, South Park