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The preacher told me about the time Jesus called out, 'Lazarus, come forth'. Now, I have to wonder what it was that walked out of that tomb, and what happened after.
John Ash

The Good Book says the world is caught in a long, dark night
waiting for a brand new dawn to come and sweep away the darkness.

Don't know whether that'll ever happen.
But I do know this:
There's folk set on making things darker.

They're looking for way to break the laws
The Good Lord set for of nature's ways
I've seen it happen.

And the night's getting darker and longer,
Sometimes I think that I mightn't ever see the sun come up.
John Ash

It's break time, and it's now that the daily ordeal begins.

It's been happening for a while. The bullying began a few days after Reuben came here. He went to Mr. Boulding, the math teacher, and told him, and Mr. Boulding didn't believe him, and told Reuben that he had some growing up to do.

Reuben wanted to tell him that he didn't know the half of it, that growing up was the whole point of his enrolling in the first place, that being 13 for another 80, 90 — God, how long has it been? — 105 years is no desire of his. Reuben thinks it's high time he got on with the rest of his life.

He keeps telling himself that now, as he stands in the corner of the schoolyard. Reuben keeps on saying it to himself when the other kids start with the names, and he repeats it to himself, almost like a mantra, when the first stone hits him on the chest, and the teacher on duty sees it and turns a blind eye.

It's worth it, he thinks. It has to be worth it, he thinks.
Please, God, make it worth it, he thinks.
from "Strange Alchemies: Aurum"

When two Ferrum meet, one might allow the other to flay the skin from his body and pin it back to see the muscles and faciae beneath. Of course, reciprocity is expected.
from the Promethean core rulebook


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