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Rosita: Maybe we can invite our fathers.
Abby Cadabby: And we can help built our toy cars together! YEAH!
Alex: (sighs) No! I don't think so.
Abby Cadabby: Why not?
Alex: Because, He is not around to do it. (Runs away)
Rosita: What's wrong with him?
Abby Cadabby: Did we do something wrong?
Sofia: I don't know
*They came to Alex and comforts him*
Sofia: Hello, Alex. We are sorry about father. And we are your friends. You can talk to us anything.
Alex: Yeah, But all this talking about a father makes me very upset.
Rosita: Did you father move away?
Abby Cadabby: Did he go on a vacation?
Alex: No! But, where he is at, I don't want to think about it?
Sofia: What happened to your father?
Alex: My father is in jail!
*Rosita and Abby Cadabby were shocked about it*
Abby Cadabby: In Jail?!?
Rosita: But why?!?
Alex: I don't know, Most people don't understand this situation.
Sofia: Actually, I do know what you are going through. You see, Alex. When I was your age, My father was incarcerated too.
Alex: He was?
Rosita: He was incarceration too?
Abby Cadabby: What is incarceration? And why was your father in it?
Sofia: Incarceration is when someone breaks the law, A grown up rule. Then they have to go to jail or prison.

The daughter: This is a picture of me and my father. We used to go to the park everyday. But now my father can't, Because he is in prison. Today my mother is taking me and my little brother to prison to see our father. My mother told us that we can talk to our father, But we can't touch him or hug him.

The daughter: It was hard not to touch or hug our father. But my father blows me a kiss. Which I saved for later. Before we know, It was time to go already. I wish my father can come with us. But this place is where he has to be, Because he broke the law.

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