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"Baird here. There's no more COG high command barking at me for fresh intel, but I figured I'd keep up with the research anyway. It's kinda turned into a hobby. Some people knit, but I like staring at creepy Locust runes and finger necklaces.

Anyhow, we stumbled across this hammer in the fresh trenches the grubs have been digging up. It looked a little too ornate to be just another common tool, probably made out of some expensive poly-alloy. If I'm reading this right, this is a ceremonial object — the fine china of Locust weaponry, you might say. Only to be used for very, very special occasions.

But here it is, reduced to just another tool in the woodshed to get a dirty job done. Essentially the Locust equivalent of some Gear wiping his ass with the Octus Canon."
Locust Hammer description, Gears of War 3

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