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Now here's part 2
Caddicarus review of Snow White and the Seven Clever Boys

Previously on Ducktalez
Vegeta: My name is Vegeta! Prepare to Die, Scrooge McDuck!

Final Fantasy XIII-2, the story so far...
Loading screen message presented in Final Fantasy XIII-2 before presenting a recap of recent events. Eventually said by just about every major character in the game, including Serah, Noel, Mog, Caius, Yeul, Snow and Hope

"The last time we saw the Spaceship Swinetrek...we hoped it would be the last time! But unfortunately, it's back."
The Muppet Show, "Pigs in Space"

Previously, on Doctor Who:
709 episodes ago
Doctor Who, "Twice Upon a Time"

"Okay, peeps. Time to reboot and refresh."
Latin Lover Narrator, Jane the Virgin

"And that's what you missed on "Glee"!"

Last time, on Hardtack Montana: The Tourettes Cowboy:
"Flipping booger!"
"Whoops pickles people!"
"Intelligent design!"
"Spartan dog!"
"French poodle!"
"Trojan pig!"
"Got yer nose!"
"Tickle Me Elmo!"
"Bob Sagat!"
"Frickin' dillweed!"
And now, Eppysode II
Hardtack Montana: The Tourettes Cowboy, Episode 2: Beer Fart City

Announcer: Previously on Family Guy...
(cut to a clip from the pilot episode)
Announcer: More recently, and better, on Family Guy...
(cut to a clip from "Blue Harvest")
Announcer: Even more recently, and not quite as good, on Family Guy...
(cut to clips from the previous episode)
Announcer: And now, the current, better-than-the-pilot-but-not-as-good-as-Star Wars episode of Family Guy.
Family Guy, "Dead Dog Walking"

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