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"I love meeting new people."
Deslin Rowe, Infamous Second Son

Marneao: Every demon has an aspect of the Diaboli. I was born with the most curious ability: Copy those aspects!
Nagore:You copied me?! That's lame!

"You crappy xeroxer!!."

Thief: Can someone tell me what Blue Magic is so I can join in dismissing Red Mage?
Black Mage: It's simple. Magic is change, right? When you cast a spell, you are forcing your will onto the way of things. White Magic tends to introduce order into a system while Black Magic tends to encourage decay.
Black Mage: So a thousand years ago, some chucklehead gets the bright idea that if casting magic changes the external world, there ought to be corresponding changes to one's self. He called it Blue Magic.
Red Mage: Guy looked sharp in blue.
Black Mage: A spell's ability to bring change into the world would be incorporated by one's very being. A Blue Mage wouldn't be burned by a fireball. Its potential for change would instead become a part of him.
Thief: So get zapped with a spell and you learn it. Sounds handy.
Black Mage: More than that. It basically grants instant spell cognition as well as immunity to their effects. You'd have a mage who could never be attacked without becoming more powerful.
Red Mage: It's the Holy Grail of Wizardry.
Black Mage: It's a crock.

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