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Matt: Every time I see you playing something, it's “technically not a porn game.”
Dom: Well. They're not.

<Shadow> You know how when you watch anime and they have a little nudity, you think "Why can't there be more porn in this show?"
<Shadow> Then you watch hentai, and you think "Why can't the story be better?"
<Shadow> I just saw Hanaukyo Maids, and I don't know whether to jack off or watch politely.
— quote #24133

"So let me get this straight; you made a porno film where the point was the plot."
March, The Nice Guys

Blake: Excuse me?! Ninjas of Love is a great series! The author crafted an entirely new, expansive world and an entire combat system from whole cloth! A quality one, I might add, that at least tries to have its fights be won by brains rather than who can cause the bigger explosion! The characters are astoundingly complex, if you bother to look past the surface characteristics, and the plot is sublime! What I read is-!
Ruby: Smut. Blatant, high-quality, well-publicized smut. And you know it.

I'm sure there's some romantic stuff in there...beneath all the fffffffuckin'!
Wolfgang Connolly (reacting to his party mate semi-lamenting what he wanted was an actual romance novel, not necessarily porn), Role With Me


This one is still "X Rated" inside, but the focus is more on the plot than just coming up with random scenes.
Sonic Gear's description of AmyUNTOLD, a pornographic Sonic the Hedgehog Doujinshi


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