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"At last, being seized with an invincible desire of feeling money, taking off his slippers, he repeatedly walked over great heaps of gold coin spread upon the spacious floor, and then laying himself down, rolled his whole body in gold over and over again."
Suetonius, referring to Caligula in The Twelve Caesars, which if true would provide a real life example of this trope

Scrooge: [stopping Louie from diving into the money bin] Are you out of your head?! You'll crack your skull open!
Louie: But you swim in money all the time.
Scrooge: Yes, but I worked hard to perfect that skill, building muscles and dexterity.
— Scrooge discussing this trope on DuckTales (2017)

[Looking at Walter White's huge pile of money]
Huell: ...I gotta do it, man. [lies down on the pile and closes his eyes, clearly enjoying himself]
Kuby: Dude.
Huell: Mmm.
Kuby: What are you doin'? Huell!
Huell: Mmm.
Kuby: Hey, quit screwin' around!
Huell: Mmm.
Kuby: [smacks him] We are here to do a job! Not channel Scrooge McDuck! [smacks him again] You hearin' me?!
Huell: I hear ya.
Kuby: Dude...
Huell: Mmm mmm mmm.
Kuby: ...Ah, screw it. [lies down too]

Lady Walrus: However will we deal with the agony of defeat?
Admiral Beaverton: How about we go for a swim in our riches? To the money bin!
Sonic Boom, "Lightning Bowlers Society"

Aladdin: I'm gonna have so much gold! I could swim in it, like a pool. Do you think people can really do that?
Ja'far: No.

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