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"I want to kill 'em all...."
Dominic Santiago, that scene, Gears of War 2

The Shooter's Ball's the main event, as everybody knows
Just a shame this year it came to such an early close
It seemed like it would last all night, at least from 6 to 6
But Miss White Phosphorous showed up and made us feel like dicks.
— Extract from The Shooter's Ball by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, Jim And Yahtzees Rhymedown Spectacular

"You felt your sins crawling on your back."

"We're not gonna kill Toriel, though. We're not killing anyone, don't worry, alright- oh- wha- uh- wha- uh- wha- WHAT? WHAAAT?!''

"This is your fault, goddammit!"
Sgt. John Lugo as he points at the camera, Spec Ops: The Line

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