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Kan Yu: It's been too long, Kallen! I've a score to settle with you, too!
Kallen Kouzuki: Well, aren't you stubborn? STILL miffed about that Kumen business?!
Kan Yu: You know that's not the whole of it! Not after you went and attacked me time and time again!
Kan Yu: If you don't feel like getting on your knees and apologizing, I'll just end you right here!
Kallen: Well, since you're dredging up the past, I also have something I wanna tell you!
Kallen: How could you make me deploy with that bunny suit back in Kummen?! Any way you slice it, that's just sexual harassment!
Kan Yu: Well, that was an emergency dispatch and—
Kallen: Shut up! Even now I remember that dirty look you gave me!
Third Super Robot Wars Z: Jigoku-hen


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