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"For the platforming, imagine a Prince of Persia mod made by an insane person."

"Beauty and the Beast introduces a whole new challenge to the world of video games: ridiculogic. Because of this exciting new feature, you'll find yourself constantly saying things like 'Oh, stupid me, I should have known I couldn't climb that wall, because it seemed like the only logical way out, and it looked exactly like the wall I climbed two seconds ago.' Or 'Ah, instead of trying to jump on the platform that tricked me to fall on spikes by falling down when I stepped on it, I should have stood still and roar until another non-tricky platform appeared.' Or 'I'm such a goof, I should have known that though they're the exact same sprite, this was a killer bat, and not a bat I could climb on.' Or 'I should have known that I would land in water when I jumped down from that tree, because I shouldn't assume that giant oaks don't sometimes grow out of the water'. Every jump is a leap of faith, all enemies appear half a second before they hit you. The result? A game that forces you to quicksave (a function of course not available on the SNES) and attempt the same goddamn jump twenty times before you find the incredibly stupid sequence of jumps and roars that are needed to keep your body off the spikes. The entire game feels like a bad practical joke, and you are on the ass end of it."

"In Super Mario, the player has faith that no matter how high in the air it may be, if there are coins there, you'll be able to collect them without coming to any harm. If the game was developed by people with a nasty streak, then a feature like that might be used to trick the player into losing a turn. If that were the case, then no matter how much you might want those coins, you wouldn't jump towards them."

I Wanna Be the Guy is a game about subversion. It's also a humor driven game. Predicting a player's actions perfectly as to maximize surprise and humor/frustration is a way a game can have good level design. The level design is accomplishing its goal and doing so quite well. The pacing of a game like this is also critical. How much the player is expected to die really influences what the next trap should be and how hard it is to overcome.

Random traps are NOT a real crutch. If used wrong, they are SUICIDE for a game's popularity. It's very hard to have a brutal, mean game while still 'tricking' people to finish it. If a game is popular and brutal, it probably has something else going on that makes it work. Instead of lashing against them, look at them closer and try and understand how they work. You might not like them, but you'll probably learn something!
Michael "Kayin" O'Reilly, I Wanna be the Guy official FAQ

"Difficulty is a mere fabric that mortals have created to rationalize the extent to which the level is beatable by human beings. Bowser, in a fit to maledict Mario from ever getting hope to beat it, has, many times, broken the scale that we have been adhereing [sic] to evaluate the hellscape Mario attempted and beat it. However, this time, not only Bowser broke the scale once more, but also precisely manifested how utterly powerless and futile our attempts to determine where this level is supposed to land on our grounds of mortal thought. For this level, "hell" is only a word; the reality is much, much worse."
Youtube commenter on Z-Break, Mario Must Die 3

When [Lost Levels] was ready for international release, Nintendo of America ultimately canceled the idea of this game coming to America as well as Europe, and why's that? BECAUSE THE GAME WAS DEVELOPED BY SATAN HIMSELF! I mean, holy sh*t! If there was an award for "Most Obnoxious Difficulty Spike in a Sequel," this game would win the award three years in a row! The wind, the obstacles, the level design, oh the level design, it all screams HELL!

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