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King Cold: What a pretty little blue pearl it is. What was it called? "E-arth"?
Freeza: Actually, it's pronounced "Earth", Daddy-daddy-daddy-daddy. [sparks shoot out of the cybernetics in his head]
King Cold: Really? But there's an "A" in it! I'll just keep calling it "E-arth".
Freeza: It doesn't really matter, anyway. Soon, it will have a new name: "Vacant Lot".

"Just look at this planet. Clean air, fresh water... There is a wealth of natural resources to be found here. But all of you who live in this world take that wealth for granted. Regrettable, but at any rate... Our Mechanizing Occupation Project is now under way... and your people have unfortunately been identified as... obstacles. Our most sincere condolences, and I'm sorry you had to come all this way... but I'm afraid... you must be destroyed!"

"It has been clear that there has been no attempt at communication. No demands, nothing like that. So obviously, they are here for our resources. When you invade a place for its resources, you wipe out the indigenous population. Those are the rules of any colonization. And right now, we are being colonized."

"New data shows that they are using our water as a fuel source, and our ocean levels are already dropping. They are using it to power their ships, their machinery, possibly even their own bodies."

Superman: You destroyed those planets, didn't you? And every living soul on them!
Brainiac: Only their knowledge was important. It is what I was programmed to collect and protect.
Superman: But why kill?
Brainiac: The fewer beings who have the knowledge, the more precious it becomes.

Lex Luthor: Say you succeed. You absorb all the information on Earth and destroy it. Then what?
Brainiac: I repeat the process across the entire universe, until I have recorded all knowledge and destroyed all of creation.
Luthor: And then?
Brainiac: Then my program is complete. My function is fulfilled.

The aliens came
from a far distant world
In a large yellow ship
that blinked as it twirled.
It rounded the moon,
and entered our sky.
We knew they had come
but we didn't know why.

Bright the next morning,
with noisy commotion,
The ship slowly moved
out over the ocean.
It lowered a tube
and drained the whole sea
For transport back home
to their galaxy.

The tube then sucked up
the clouds and the air,
Causing no small amount
of Earthling despair.
With nothing to breathe,
we started to die.
"Help us! Please stop!"
was the public outcry.

A hatch opened up
and the aliens said,
"We're sorry to learn
that you will soon be dead,
But though you may find
this slightly macabre,
We prefer your extinction
to the loss of our job."
Calvin's poem, Calvin and Hobbes

"Furthermore, it is illogical for an extraterrestrial species to abduct human females," added TuMok.
"Perhaps the aliens want hosts for their young, or food for a dying world," said Zarkendorf. "An ancient race could be trying to steal our organs to replace their own decaying flesh."
"But our different biology would make it impossible for aliens to breed with us," said Buster. "Likewise our flesh would be poisonous to them."
"Well then they want our women as slaves!" said Zarkendorf testily.
"Any race with the technology to cross interstellar distances would hardly need crude manual labor," said TuMok.
"Then they are hostages! The women will be held for ransom until we accede to the alien demands. That's it — they've come to steal our water!"
"But water can be mined from the Oort cloud or the Kuiper belt," said Proton. "They don't even have to land on Earth."

"They're like bees taking pollen to whatever hive they call home!"
Viridi, on the Aurum, Kid Icarus: Uprising

"Truly, a Plutarkian's legacy is measured in what he does not leave behind!"
Limburger, about his people, Biker Mice from Mars

Ax: <Don't you know? Don't you know whom you're fighting?>
Rachel: We know they take over people's minds.
Ax: <Yes. And that is one of their great crimes. But the Yeerks are more than that. Yeerks are killers of worlds. Murderers of all life. Hated and feared throughout the galaxy. They are a plague that spreads from world to world, leaving nothing but desolation and slavery and misery in their wake.>
Animorphs #4: The Message

"The Borg is the ultimate user. They're unlike any threat your Federation has ever faced. They're not interested in political conquest, wealth or power as you know it. They're simply interested in your ship, its technology. They've identified it as something they can consume."

"The land was gone. I couldn't believe it. Whole stretches of the earth were all rent up, as though torn by some monstrous beast. Ash covered the land where the orchards had been, and even the air was choked with an oily rain. I grabbed a passing indigent, picking through the filth like a stray dog.
'What in Hells' name happened here?' I asked, aghast.
'The queen came to take what was owed her,' said the man, looking dazed. His flesh was spare and cracked, like leather. I was suddenly aware of the bones poking up under his skin.
'Debts? The orchards? The crop? Blast it, man, what did she come for? Why wreak such destruction across the whole land?'
'No,' gaped the man, 'That's what she came for.'
'What?' I said, with sudden realization.
'Everything,' said the man. I released him and he stumbled back to picking through the dirt. I covered my face with my scarf. The black rain fell. I didn’t stay long."

"These beings, these masters, they're colonists. They overtake worlds, they just consume them and then they move on to the next. And they've been here before, as sort of a trial run. It was the dinosaurs, but the atmosphere wasn't conducive, right? So they waited it out, and they waited it out. And now, you know, with the ozone, the pollution, the carbon monoxide, polluted waters... well, we practically terraformed it for them. 'Cause now they're coming back, and it's perfect. See, the first wave [of Kaiju], that was just the hounds, categories I through IV, it was nothing! Their sole purpose was to aim for the populated areas and take out the vermin, us! The second wave, that is the exterminators, and they will finish the job! And then, the new tenants will take possession."
Newton Geiszler, explaining the Precursors, creators of the Kaiju, Pacific Rim


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