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"Good artists borrow, great artists steal."

"If you copy from one author, it's plagiarism; if you copy from many, it's research."
Wilson Mizner

"I don’t worry about originality, a word our countrymen use to describe novelty. But Capote was unusually derivative. We used to play a game with Capote’s work. We’d read a passage from A Tree of Night or Other Voices, Other Rooms and then try to find whom he had stolen it from. Carson McCullers was his principal quarry, but he did very well with Eudora Welty. I even found scenes from old Warner Bros. movies that he had lifted. He was ruthlessly unoriginal."
Gore Vidal on Truman Capote

"Tarantino sometimes talks about how he stole the 'Sicilians were spawned by n***rs' speech in True Romance (which he describes as one of his finest moments) from a guy who just thought he was having a conversation with his buddy Quentin, and it gets a bit weird. Then you find out that he cribbed Sam Jackson's 'lay my vengeance' speech in Pulp Fiction from an old Sonny Chiba movie, and you start to get suspicious...God, can you imagine talking to this guy? Like, as a person? Would you spend the whole time worried that if you said something clever it would show up in one of his movies and film students would cream themselves over it?"


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