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Tachikoma 4: On the contrary, the crux of the problem is that we're too close to being human. It's because the line that separates human from robot has already been reduced to minor differences in the physical body. Stop for a moment and ask yourselves why our own bodies, without organs, aren't created in the humans' image.
Tachikoma 1: Efficiency as weapons, perhaps?
Tachikoma 4: That's part of it, but the main reason is this: If we were humanoid, our users would overempathize with us on a strange level. As a result, we'd probably be hated on an even broader scale.
Tachikoma 1: Well, [points at gynoid servant across the room] what about her, then?
Tachikoma 4: She's benign. Her processing capabilities are limited, so humans don't perceive her as a threat. She has to deal with humans on a daily basis, and in order to be efficient in the human environment, the humanoid form is logically the most versatile. Every artificial device or object in the world was designed for mankind's use.
Tachikoma 2: Oh, I see.
Tachikoma 1: That's handy insight, but what the heck should we do then?
Tachikoma 4: What I'm trying to get across is that humans want their machines to respond like machines.
Tachikoma 1: Oh, now I get your drift. If we just act a little more robotic...
Tachikoma 2: We might stand a chance of the Major liking us!
Tachikoma 4: Exactly!
Tachikoma 3: It's the ultimate robot strategy plan!
All four Tachikomas, in unison: [monotone] We are robots. We are robots. We are robots.
Tachikoma 3: Aaaaaah I can't do this anymore!


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