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Quotes / Past in the Rear-View Mirror

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A mirror is a negative space
With a frame and a place for your face
It reveals what the rest of us see
It conceals what you'd like it to be
Blue Öyster Cult, "Mirrors"

It was long ago and it was far away
Oh God, it seems so very far
And if life is just a highway,
Then the soul is just a car,
And objects in the rear view mirror
May appear closer than they are.
Meat Loaf, "Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are"

Watch my life
Pass me by
In the rear view mirror
Nick Lachey, What's Left of Me

I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairy tale
I'm gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well
This is a big world, that was a small town
There in my rear view mirror diseappearing now
And it's too late for you and your white horse
To catch me now
Taylor Swift, White Horse

I always tried to tell her 'bout the rearview mirror
But she just wouldn't ever take a peek
She said there's no need lookin' where you've already been
When you've headed down a one-way street
Doug Supernaw, She Never Looks Back

I wanna right all my wrongs,
What's done I can't redo,
I'm just lookin' in my rearview, ridin',
Lookin' in my rearview, ridin'.
Bobby Valentino, Rearview

In my rear view mirror the sun is going down,
Sinking behind bridges in the road,
And I think of all the good things
That we have left undone.
Pink Floyd, Two Suns In The Sunset

Looking in the rear view mirror
Everything is so much clearer
Watch me wave it all goodbye, goodbye
Demi Lovato, Mistake

I know you, so better leave the city in the rear view
I drive to eliminate the ball that I'm chained to.
The All American Rejects, Night Drive

That backward town in my rearview mirror
Was gonna be my whole world...
Megan Mullins, Ain't What It Used to Be


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