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Do you know what happens to a cop in prison? You are brutalised every single day over and over... you become a human toilet.
Richard Thompson, The Bone Collector

Video Game

Kate's the only family I have. And Blues in jail don't last long. She goes down for this, it's a death sentence.
Faith, Mirror's Edge

That's a fucking death sentence!
Superintendent Pendrew, Sleeping Dogs when he has been proved of murdering Uncle Po

Real Life

At Buchenwalde, political prisoners wear red stripes, religious objectors pink stripes, "work-dodgers" (including most Jews) black stripes. Among the most abused groups are Nazi renegades and homosexuals.

Reaching the bottom of this dark list of criminals, the prison's hierarchy possessed the hated sex offenders. There were the rapists called 'skinners.' Below them, the lowest of them all, were deviants not to be considered human. They were the despised child molesters, the pedophiles called 'diddlers.' Many of those madmen were not even recognized as being in the prison's food chain.
Steven Herberts, The Correctional Officer Inside Prisons (page 65)

Many sex offenders only received Concord sentences to serve. One or two years for aggravated rape, or rape of a retarded child under the age of seven. Other inmates complained that it would have been better had they, "skinned a kid, rather than robbed a gas station."
Steven Herberts, The Correctional Officer Inside Prisons (page 95)

OJ Simpson, another celebrity-turned-felon, doesn’t think it can be done. “They’re going to have to put him in protective custody,” he told TMZ after Cosby’s sentencing.
“The problem is the nature of the crime,” Simpson said. “Rapists are frowned upon in prison.”


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