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Bowser: Oh? Oh, you see that? You see how I was able to jump on top of the bullet? D'you really think bullets are supposed to be four feet tall and go ten miles an hour?
Jerry: Huh?
Bowser: Why are you building guns that shoot giant, slow bullets?

Seriously, I walk faster than this.
Skooch on Fizz's ultimate ability, Can We Talk About This: Fizz

Ignignokt: (to Carl) Maybe you should take it up with Mr. Laser.
Err: Yeah! Mr. Laser!
(Ignignokt fires his Ray Gun producing an EXTREMELY slow square projectile)
Ignignokt: Here it comes.
Err: Here it comes!
Ignignokt: You will be destroyed.
Err: You're going down!
Ignignokt: The explosion will be of extraordinary magnitude.
(Three seconds pass as the bullet moves another few inches)
Ignignokt: Just hang on.
Err: It takes a while!
Aqua Teen Hunger Force, "Mayhem of the Mooninites"

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