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Quotes / Pac-Man Fever

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What do I know about Nintendo? Very little, but I know this — I once got to the second level of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So when I see a movie like this and they're talking about getting to the third level, even a dummy like me knows that they're showing the first level on screen.

But the real "go fuck yourself" message to every gamer watching is when they start talking about her holding "the high score in virtually every massively multiplayer online role-playing game."

The high score. You know, because these newfangled "online role-playing games" the kids are talking about are basically Pac-Man, right? And it wasn't enough to say she had the high score in one MMORPG, oh no. She holds the high score in virtually all of them. In a world where becoming even an average player in one game takes the same amount of time as a full-time job.

Do you remember, in movies in the'd play a game and it'd be like [mimics chiptune beeps and boops]. D'you remember that? It doesn't even matter how recent the game system was. They'd be playing a PlayStation and it'd still be like [mimics chiptune beeps and boops].