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T-1000: [disguised as Janelle] John, it's late. Honey, I was beginning to worry about you... if you hurry home, we can sit down and have dinner together. I'm making beef stew.
John Conner: [aside to the T-800] Something's wrong, she's never this nice.
T-800: What's the dog's name?
John Conner: Max.
T-800: [on phone, impersonating John] Hey, Janelle, what's wrong with Woofy? I can hear him barking. Is he okay?
T-1000: Woofy's fine, honey, Woofy's just fine... where are you?
T-800: [hangs up phone] Your foster parents are dead.

"We saw Marco heading toward us. He had no tray. But he was smiling. Well, sure, why not? He'd slept half the night and spent the rest of the night in a nice dark closet.
'Hi, guys, how's it going?' Marco said. He swung his leg over the back of the chair and sat down. Tired as I was, that set alarm bells ringing in my head. Marco doesn't swing his leg over chairs. And Marco doesn't act that perky, even when he's had a full night of sleep.
I guess Jake had the same reaction. I glanced at him, and all of a sudden his eyes weren't glazed and unfocused anymore.
'David, I presume,' Jake said harshly."
Animorphs #22: The Solution

The Doctor: Graham, please, I know how hard this is for you, but let her go, or we're all going to die. I know, deep down, you still blame yourself for what happened to Grace. It was not your fault! Please, reject her, because you know that is not Grace!
Solitract!Grace: Don't leave me, love, not again.
Graham: What about Ryan? He's in trouble out there, love.
Solitract!Grace: He'll be fine. He's a smart lad.
The Doctor: This reality is collapsing, Graham!
Graham: So close. You were so close. See, Grace would never let me leave Ryan in danger. You're a fake. I wish you weren't, but you are.

"The Eri I know doesn't blush! Who are you and what have you done with Eri?!"
Kazuhide, Fragment's Note

Narrator: Then Kakyoin went up to a tree and started eating beetles.
[the graphic scene is censored by Polnareff's hair]
Kakyoin!Rubber Soul: NOM NOM MUNCH MUNCH, kehehe!
Jotaro: I'm thinking this guy really isn't Kakyoin! ORA!
[Jotaro punches Kakyoin!Rubber Soul in the face]
Kakyoin!Rubber Soul: Ugeh! So you saw right through me... Yeah, my name is... Um, who am I? Hehehe! Give me a sec, I'll remember. OH yeah! I'm Rubber Soul!
[Rubber Soul reveals himself]
Rubber Soul: And this is my real identity, Rubber Soul, Mr. Damn Handsome.
Jotaro: What's with this guy? He's annoying.

"Chloe literally does a complete 360 in this scene and tells Clark to lemming himself. Bwah? Watching this exchange again I couldn't stop giggling as I pictured Clark as a suicidal jumper and Chloe as the talking down point person."
Clark: Um, you know what; I might not actually be as depressed as I thought I was. I think I might just come back inside.
Chloe: Have you thought that through, Clark? You know all your problems will still be there when you come inside, shouldn't you know? [makes swooshing hand gesture]
Clark: Uh, no, you know, I think the fresh air was just what I needed so if you could...
Chloe: JUST JUMP WOULD YOU?! My (expletive deleted) contract is up for negotiations!
Clark: Yarghhhhh! ["falls" off the building and looks somewhat like Jesus]
Julian Finn on Smallville, "Salvation"

Hera: I'd hate to spoil the party, but I think there's something wrong with Chop.
AP-5: As I have pointed out repeatedly.
Wedge: Now that you mention it, Hera, Chop's been curiously nice to me.
Zeb: Whoa, that's not curious. That's creepy.
AP-5: Yes, precisely.

"Kaien Shiba": If you really want to make up for the terrible thing you once did to me, then I have something you can do for me now Rukia.
Rukia Kuchiki: Something... I can do... for you?
"Kaien": Yeah... I want you to bring me the heads of your 4 friends.
(Rukia gasps and widens her eyes upon hearing those words.)
"Kaien": You're familiar with all of their abilities and weaknesses, so you don't have to worry about getting hurt. It shouldn't be too difficult to catch them off guard. If you do this, we'll wipe the slate clean between us and I'll completely forgive you for killing me! You see, pretty simple, huh? I would say it's an awfully small price to pay for taking my life, don't you think Rukia? Well?
(Rukia lowers her head with a solemn expression)
"Kaien": Huh, what's wrong Rukia?
Rukia: You're not... gonna say it's a joke this time, are you?
"Kaien": Rukia...
Rukia: You want me to kill my friends for you? Something like that could never be a joke... (Clenches her fists as she gets on her feet) No... You'd never joke about something like that. (Grabs "Kaien's" hand and pulls it away from her) Don't you dare insult.. KAIEN SHIBA!!!
("Kaien" immediately backs away from Rukia in shock)
Rukia: There's no way you can truly be Kaien Shiba... The Lieutenant Shiba I knew would never make jokes like that to test his subordinates. The Kaien I knew would never force someone to choose between their friends and themselves, no matter what! The Kaien Shiba that I knew... That everyone in Squad 13 loved and respected... was nothing like you! (Sheds tears) Even after I stabbed him, as his lungs filled up with blood and he could barely breath anymore, but still put up with the pain... Just so he can speak with me one final time... (Recalls Kaien's last words)
Bleach, "Rukia and Kaien, the Sorrowful Reunion"