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Quotes / Orcus on His Throne

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"I appreciate the attempt and the passion Costner and Kasdan had in trying to tell the life story of Earp instead of making a glory story of the fight at the OK Corral. I found it for the most part interesting despite a few, shall we say, factual errors... Also, in a very bizarre twist, we really don’t see that much of our villains the Clantons or McLaurys. We see Ike in a total of two scenes and in the final fight Doc had to exclaim 'JOHNNY RINGO!!!”' before killing him I figure in a last desperate attempt to remind the audience of who the hell was playing him. When I saw that scene I seriously said to myself 'Johnny Ringo!? Where the f*ck was he during this movie?”'

"He's purple. He has a magic glove. He doesn't like standing up."
Thor on Thanos, "Team Thor" short

"What is Kyros' problem? Can't get off your damn throne and actually visit your subjects? How do we know Kyros isn't already dead? Or it's like a title that gets handed off mother-to-son. I spent three years slogging through the Tiers for this ass and you know what — I don't REALLY know if Kyros exists!"

The Nameless One: What if your enemy strikes from a distance, from shadows, and never shows himself?
Coaxmetal: Then that is the fragment of the enemy you must use. The actions of your enemy have told you much. Your enemy does not wish to engage you directly. That is a weakness.
The Nameless One: Or... for some reason, it cannot engage me directly.
Coaxmetal: That is an equal possibility. Either possibility reveals weakness.
The Nameless One: How do I exploit that?
Coaxmetal: If the enemy does not wish to confront you directly, deny its wish. Take the battle to the enemy. If it is not allowed to confront you directly, find the reason. The reason will reveal a weakness.

"Does Thanos ever get up off that chair? I mean, he's been in three films now yet this supposed Big Bad is lazier than my best friend Mikey."
The Film Theorists reviewing Guardians of the Galaxy

Dark Lord: Gloating is great, almost as good as sitting around doing nothing until the third act! "Why obliterate when you can delegate", I always say!

Dimentio: Ah ha ha. Oh, I'm afraid so, my count. In fact, [the heroes] will be here before long.
O'Chunks: Whuh?! Izzat true, then? What're we doing twiddling our biscuits 'ere?

The leader of the Yiga Clan, a group formed with just a single objective: eliminate Link. He sends his minions all over Hyrule in search of you but tends to spend most of his own time napping and generally loafing about.
Hyrule Compendium entry for Master Kohga, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Master Kohga: You've got some nerve, thinking you can go toe to toe with Master Kohga! I'll show you...
[Yiga Footsoldiers appear]
Master Kohga: YIGA, ASSEMBLE! Me excluded, of course. [vanishes]