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"She stole everything but the cameras."
George Raft on Mae West's first film role

Paul Newman not only steals every scene he's in, but puts it in the bank and draws interest on it.
Roger Ebert on Message in a Bottle (1999)

WHERE THE FUCK IS MARIE, SNOBBY SALESWOMAN #2?????!!!!!!!!! Every single one of those bitches at the reunion are bold as all hell. They’re sitting there with smiles on their faces like everything is fun rainbows and happiness when they know very well that their little reunion is shit without the true star of that movie... Matt Lauer probably planned to do a 75-minute in-depth interview with Shane Ross, but Julia Roberts had it axed, because she’s always been jealous of the thespian who stole the show. Color me sad. Whatever, Shane Ross is probably busy playing Lady Macbeth on the London stage anyway. She doesn’t need those amateurs.
Michael K. on the Pretty Woman 25th anniversary reunion

Chris: John Glover is Clayton Forrester as Jason Woodrue.
David: He’s going for full Rocky Horror-level camp.
Chris: Now Uzi, you and I have empirically proven that John Glover can make literally anything better.
—Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Batman & Robin

Brando received a then record breaking 3.7 million dollars for his short screen appearance. Much marveling centered on the fact that Brando was receiving something like, if I remember correctly, ten thousand dollars for every word he uttered up on the screen.
Jabootu on Superman

The former Doctor Who and full time lovable crazy person appears for one scene and, like (Richard) O’Brien before him, provides far more entertainment value than the people who are supposed to actually hold our attention. It’s generally a bad sign when your stunt cameos manage to steal the entire picture.

He's actually only in four episodes. But man, what an impact he has. Early on, he encounters the Doctor, and tries to demand the key to the TARDIS. The Doctor engages in his usual chinwagging and charisma to try to talk his way out of it. And in response, Bret Vyon does something we have never seen anyone do to the Doctor before. He simply says 'Give me the key, or I'll kill you.' And this quickly re-establishes the theme of the last five episodes.

John Rhys-Davies is a more charismatic and interesting performer than half of the regulars on this show and I would have loved to have seen him become a semi regular ala Vic Fontaine in DS9. Since he has use of the mobile emitter in this adventure they should have enforced a time share with the Doctor!
Joe Ford on Star Trek: Voyager, "Concerning Flight"

That this is the film that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star is perfectly understandable. His sheer screen presence here is amazing. But the plain fact is, everyone around him out-acts him. Even Sandahl Bergman. Even Gerry Lopez. Indeed, the single scene that these three share with Max von Sydow, who has a glorified cameo as Osric, is almost comical, given the way that von Sydow just sits there, and lets acting sweep around and over his non-professional co-stars like floodwater.

His first appearance was in Season 3’s "When Flanders Failed". He enters the Leftorium and mentions that he heard Flanders validates parking without purchase, and then bluntly demands "just stamp the ticket". And thus, a legend was born!


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