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Pit: Hey man! Haven't seen you in a while. Now we just need to get Simon-
Mega Man: Ssh! Don't bring that up!
Pit: Bring up what-icus?
Mega Man: AARGH

Web Video

Sometimes, you have to take a nasty shit before you take a better shit.

Joey: Hey Yugi, how come everything looks different in this episode?
Yugi: Actually Joey, this is a movie based on Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0.
Joey: There was a Season 0? How come I never knew about it?
Yugi: It only aired in Japan because it was super violent and depressingly bad.

Don't worry about how bad your first page looks, because you'll end up hating it for years no matter what you do.

Effectively, Disney has gone and made a movie which differs in content only in that it appears to exist to appease the pedantic f*cks of YouTube with their decades of bad-faith criticism, and for ever having enabled that atmosphere of pedantic f*ckery that led to the creation of a film that goes out of its way to address the plot holes of the film that it's based on... uh, I will never cease my penance walk.

Western Animation

Sideshow Bob: Oh, must you bray night and day at that infernal television!?
Cellmate 1: Oh, look who's talking.
Cellmate 2: Yeah, Bob, you used to be on this show.
Sideshow Bob: Don't remind me! My foolish capering destroyed more young minds than syphilis and pinball combined!

Real Life

LESSON: Unless you don’t improve, all of your early work should embarrass you.
Andrew Nicholls, Valuable Lessons

You birds have a hundred thousand bad drawings in you; start getting rid of them now.
Chuck Jones, quoting one of his art school instructors.

I know it's an artistic cliche, but every time I look at my past work, I want to projectile vomit.

If I could go back in time to change stuff? Oh yeah, there's a few movies I would not have done.
Thomas Howell, during an interview regarding his role as Zoom in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Not since the British raided Cologne had so many bombs landed in such a small space in such a short time.
Rod Serling, on his early writing career.

Jonathan Ross: Alright, we've established — John can act. John can push a dog in a pram. John's got his own... not-particularly-well-crafted, action figure. He can sing, and so on and so forth. But can he choose the right movies to be in?
John Barrowman: ... Oh, SHIT.
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

A number of wiser and better writers than me tell me that it is universal among writers to be embarrassed by anything they've ever written, but I never really believed it until now. The first chapter of this story is terrible. It is shamefully bad. I can't imagine how any of you managed to stand it. I got three pages in and closed the lid of my laptop by reflex as a defence mechanism to get the horror away.
Sir Poley, author of Harry Potter and the Natural 20.

JewelStaite: Dear Internet; While I agree that I was indeed a precociously adorable child, let's go ahead and bury the PartyMania. Cool? Thx a million.
GlitchMike: @JewelStaite: You do realize that you've just caused 38,000 people to google "Jewel Staite Party Mania", right?
JewelStaite: Aw, shit.
— Twitter conversation

Kirsty Young: And can you remember any of the lyrics from any of the songs?
Ricky Gervais: ... Um...
Kirsty: I just saw what flashed through your eyes then; you can, but you're not sure you want to say them.
Ricky: That's exactly right.
Kirsty: Go on then.
Ricky: No! No, you were right; I can, but I'm not going to say them.
Kirsty: Why not?
Ricky: Because it makes me want to crawl into a dustbin.
— Discussing Ricky's old band on Desert Island Discs.

Emma Thompson: The truth is, I have misled the public about my past.
Ellen DeGeneres: So you did a little soft porn.
Emma: No, it's not just that.
Ellen (talk show).

None of your goddamn business!

The Diamond Head Game was such a piece of you know what. They took a poorly designed game, shot it in Hawaii, and thought it was a good idea. I hated every minute of hosting it.
Bob Eubanks

I guess I should just accept "bad rom hack with swears" as part of my eternal legacy

Yeah, we apologise for your hellish experience in playing this ROM hack. It could have been decent, but as we mentioned before, the testing was a complete nightmare and wasn't done properly, so many, many things that should have been made easier, fixed or removed weren't fixed/removed/made easier.
Cheatmaster-30 to Levelengine on Mario Endgame.

"If I had the time and a sledgehammer, I would track down every copy of that special and smash it."

"I wrote the episode, or at least the teleplay. It’s a terrible episode. People are very unforgiving about that episode. I’ve written well over a hundred episodes of Star Trek, yet it seems to be the only episode anyone brings up, you know? 'Brannon Braga, who wrote 'Threshold'!' Out of a hundred and some episodes, you’re gonna have some stinkers! Unfortunately, that was a royal, steaming stinker."
Brannon Braga, on the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Threshold"

Per: Written for a Bette Midler-movie, but ended up in the Super Mario Bros. flop instead. We thought it was cool to have a song in that movie, because we both liked Dennis Hopper and Bob Hoskins.
Marie: But that was before we saw the movie.
Per: I still like the song in a way... but if you wanted to make a parody of Roxette, it would probably sound something like this.
Marie: Not one of our most inspired moments.
Per: Right, no big surprises here. Recorded in England and charted best there. That was a bit of surprise, though.
Marie: I was nine months pregnant when I recorded the vocals.
Per: That's no surprise.
Roxette, on "Almost Unreal"

I was embarrassed then to be a part of them, and I still am. ESPECIALLY To Boldly Flee.
Lindsay Ellis on the Channel Awesome anniversary specials.


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