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"As if the outrageous sexual politics of Fair Haven weren’t enough somebody on the Voyager writing staff suddenly realised that they hadn’t allowed the populace of this mock Irish village to indulge in that drabbest of Trek clichés...Seamus (still one of the most godawful stereotypes) witnessing Tommy boy committing acts of unholy magic through unnatural means! This is going to be a long hour. When these dreadful Irish caricatures started talking about another Irish town where the potatoes stopped growing and the cows stopped giving milk when a group of spirit folk visited I could hear Ireland cutting off diplomatic relations with America."
Joe Ford on Star Trek: Voyager, "Spirit Folk"

"You only get one chance to make a first impression, and for Becky Lynch, even her wrestling debut at age 15, her global experience, and her year in WWE developmental couldn’t save her from bad ideas. Bad ideas like making your wrestling persona the biggest mick this side of the Atlantic...Becky danced a jolly jig to the ring, accompanied by whimsical Irish music with the finest fiddling MIDI could buy."

Jay: Don't Americans love that shit? That stereotype of Oireland? Aren't they all over it? I can imagine Vince laughing and rolling on the ground over it.
V1: [groans] I don't know. What else is they gonna do now? Is she come out with black eyes? [weeping] "H-He had a coupla drinks and—!"
OSW Review on Becky Lynch, Ep. 40

Brian: ...when Peter found out that his father wasn't Francis, the man who raised him, but instead a man in Ireland, Peter decided to visit.
Stewie: And did we explore the effects of the difficult political and agricultural dynamics that have rent Ireland for centuries?
Brian: No, we just made them a country of drunken redheads.
Stewie: Ah. Groundbreaking.
Family Guy, Brian & Stewie

"Cause that's still how Irish people are seen: as twinkly-eyed fuckers with a pig under their arm, high-stepping around the world going 'I'll paint your house now, but watch out, I might steal the ladder! Oh ho ho ho!' (beat) Which is only half true."
Dylan Moran, Like, Totally


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