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Sally Hawkins: He doesn't know how to express himself except eating people I suppose, I dunno. He's just...
Interviewer: You're in love with Godzilla!
Sally Hawkins: I am! He just needs a candle and a massage!
ET Canada interview about Godzilla (2014)

Steven: I don't think we should hurt the Cluster. I don't think it knows what it's doing.
Peridot: It doesn't matter if it knows what it's doing. It's still going to do it!
Steven Universe: "Gem Drill"

When I was a kid, my Dad found a fox. It'd been hit by a car, and couldn't walk anymore. My mum went spare of course, made him keep it in the shed. He was already slipping away from us then. He spent hours with that fox, telling it all about Italy and the villages they bombed there. I was... I was jealous, I think, that the fox got more of my Dad than I did. But it was dying, that was clear. So one day, I snuck out, took it a sandwich, for food. I was only eight. When it bit me, I remember the anger, the shock, the hurt, running in screaming from the garden, my Mum panicking about rabies. My Dad beat it to death with a spade. Later, I found him crying. "It dunna ken, son", that's what he said, "It dunna ken it was hurting you. It's just a poor, dumb, dying animal."
But Christ help us, it's left the valley. It's everywhere now. It's been three hours since the planes went over; I haven't been able to reach anyone on the shortwave. I'm beginning to think I may have made a terrible miscalculation...
Stephen Appleton, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

Patrick:(Gasp!) It's the evil doodle!
Spongebob: No, no, not evil. He was just a two-dimensional creature lost in our three-dimensional aquatic world longing for a purpose. (he blows from a pipe)
Spongebob and Patrick discuss Frankendoodle, Spongebob Squarepants

There is no malice here. The nanites aren’t self-aware — they aren’t even intelligent. Whether due to a simple programming error or because they were created to behave too much like living organisms, the nanobots abandon their purposes to engage solely in replication. Unfortunately, they need organic molecules to do so, and they don’t care where the material comes from.
—"Nanopocalypse - Apocalypse," The End of the World: Revolt Of The Machines


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