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Quotes / No Need for Names

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Gargoyle Elder: Must you humans name everything? Nothing's real to you 'til you've named it, given it limits.
Elisa: It's not like that. It's just that, well... uh... things need names.
Gargoyle Elder: Does the sky need a name? Does the river?
Elisa: The river's called the Hudson.
Hudson: (sighs) Fine, lass, then I will be "the Hudson" as well.

Alinua: You still need a name.
Protagonist/Kendal: You're really hung up on that.
Alinua: I don't see why you aren't! What if I need to get your attention?
Protagonist/Kendal: I'll be the only person around. Just yell something.

Shepard: So what should I call you?
Legion: Geth.
Shepard: No, I mean you. Specifically.
Legion: We are all geth.
Shepard: What is the individual in front of me called?
Legion: There is no individual. We are geth. There are currently 1,183 programs active within this platform.
EDI: "My name is Legion, for we are many."
Legion: Christian Bible, the Gospel of Mark, chapter five, verse nine. We acknowledge this as an appropriate metaphor.

Wrath: Tell me, you go by Scar. What's your real name?
Scar: I have none. I left it.
Wrath: Hm... you don't say. What a coincidence, I don't know my real name either. It's almost poetic, two nameless men fighting to the death.

"Names are pretty, but useless. The Chasind folk call me Flemeth. I suppose it'll do."
Flemeth (also known as the Witch of the Wilds, Ashe'bellenar, and an old hag who talks too much), Dragon Age: Origins

Guard: What the fuck they call you?
Mr. 47: Names are for friends... so I don't need one. (promptly knocks the guard unconscious)

You can simply call me by the name of grandfather but you know as well as any cat that we do not have names, any more than the Gods themselves have names. The habit of naming is a human one. Men think that when they have named something, they have subdued it. Even our great Mother-of-Night and all her handmaidens and concubines and sisters, whom we know as nameless guardians and friends as we pace the roof-tops by night, these divinities the human race call stars. But with us it is not so. We do not, as they do, wish to possess all that we conquer, nor to subdue all that we admire. We are content to allow things to be themselves, from highest Gods to smallest mice, and we are without names. My brother will always be my brother but for me he is the brother without name and until the point in the story where it seems right to use the foolish name which human beings bestowed upon him, I will not sully my name by using it.
Pufftail, Stray