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McNinja: Why can't people look past the fact that Judy's a gorilla and I'm a ninja? We're people too!
Mom: I'm sorry I didn't mean-
McNinja: Well, except Judy. She's a gorilla.

"This is the best movie I’ve ever seen. It has a vampire and an explosion!"
Fry, Futurama

Peter: Siam, 2015 AD. The city lies in ruins after the Ninth Nucular World War. It is a grim future with lots of explosions and partial nudity, a future where an oppressive new king has seized power. Only one man can stop him. No, one machine! I am an Automaton Nucular Neohuman Android. You may call me ANNA. I am a robot ninja from the planet England who is here to destroy you and free this land from your tyranny.
Brian: I've been expecting you, ANNA. Allow me to introduce my Siamese children! (claps hands, signaling five swimsuit models)
Peter: I will not be swayed by your attempts to confuse my programming with your all-female sex orgy. We must kung-fu fight!

"Normally a guy with cybernetic implants would be evenly matched against a ninja secretly disguised as a housemaid, but throw in a child with the ability to freeze time and, well, now things actually get confusing."

"yarr, that be what I call synergy"

Iruka: Don't worry Naruto! A wound like this could never kill a ninja, especially a robot ninja like me!
Naruto: But sensei, you are not a robot! You are a human being!
Iruka: Oh, I guess that part was just in my dream then...

"Tyrannosaurs in F-14s!!"
Calvin: This is so cool!
Hobbes: This is so stupid!

"Then you see the chainsaw ninja zombie and the last two things that go through your mind is (sic) the thought ohmygodthatissocool and a chainsaw."
Jackrabbit, Dwarf Fortress forums

"Richard Garriot's tabletop Dungeons & Dragons game must have been just about the most glorious thing in human history. This game takes D&D, Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who among many other things, throws them in a blender and hits the puree switch, any my god is it beautiful. This guy is a god of nerds."

They became vampires. Vampire wizard ninja brothers from the moon.
Axe Cop, Episode 9

Squidward: I could be anything I set my mind to. I could be a football player, or a king, or a spaceman.
SpongeBob: Or a football-playing king in space...with a mustache.
SpongeBob SquarePants, "Can You Spare a Dime?"

"I'd never thought i'd ever say this but the climax of the film involves Holmes in a hot air ballon fighting Iron Man in a giant robot dragon while Watson rides on horseback to stop an android from blowing up Buckingham Palace. I can't even make a joke about that!"
The Cinema Snob describing the climax of The Asylum's Sherlock Holmes

James: "It's really one of the greatest twists ever. The mummy is a werewolf."
Mike: "The mummy is a fucking werewolf!"
— Cinemassacre reviews Face of the Screaming Werewolf

'I'm a tap-dancing ballerina fairy princess veterinarian!'
Carmelita Spats, A Series of Unfortunate Events

Marik: "What am I, part of a friggin' vampire terrorist cell?"
Marik: "Oh my God, I hope I'm part of a friggin' vampire terrorist cell!"

'You're a crazed penniless lobster doctor. No combination of you should be a comedian!'

"[Lord English] is many things. A time traveling crime lord pimp. An omnipotent, indestructible puppet-based demon. A monster born out of an ancient, short, smug, cueball-headed gunslinger, the blight of two universes by his birth alone. An Egyptian pharaoh Incredible Hulk in shredded pants and suspenders with a green Jigsaw puppet-like skull for head, a gold fang, and flashing pool balls for eyes. And with his gold cuestick pegleg and long coat, appears to also be somewhat reminiscent of a pirate, and may or may not bear some tenuous connection to Skipper Plumbthroat, nemesis of all Squiddles, who have been clearly shown to be friendly cartoon-standins for the dark gods."
Andrew Hussie, via Tumblr

Apart from being able to cast some seriously cool magic shit, Princess Zelda is also the first and currently only princess to ever have been both a ninja and a pirate.

Super King has all the powers of a king!
Plus all the powers of Superman!
Also he's a robot! Ain't he cool?
Super King, you rule!
Bender's superhero theme tune, Futurama

The [giant flesh-eating] hideous mutant demon squid has escaped again and it's created an army of cyborg zombie soldiers to do it's evil bidding!

Larcen: A cat burglar working for the mob, who uses Mantis Style Kung Fu....Honestly, he is probably the best character in the game, since he's basically a mutant blender mix of a 1920s gangster, Vega, and Batman.

But really, bitching about secret baby plots aside, this item is more a warning about the tendency some romance authors have for slapping together a bunch of hackneyed themes. Does your book feature a werewolf amnesiac cowboy? Does the vampire boardroom mistress long for a Navy SEAL sheikh?
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, "The Top Ten Signs You're Reading a Very Bad Romance Novel"

"I would just like to point out that you just read about a ghost and a gorilla vampire trying to have sex when they suddenly are interrupted by a robot out to get a drug lord. You will never read that again in any other context, so cherish this moment before it's gone."
— Review of the movie Robo Vampire at Encyclopedia Obscura

Narrator: However, no previous adventure could prepare Qwark for his encounter with the dread pirate Blackstar and his crew of... oh, please tell me this is a typo.
Qwark: That's "Robotic Pirate Ghosts". Guess reading wasn't your strong suit, eh Professor?

Kyle: FUCK!

Alma: Has anyone ever told you how weird it is that you have a viking cat for a partner?
Shepard: You walk around with a power-armored Hispanic teddy bear.

Ports update: Your ship (ship name) wisely avoided interfering in a battle between a monkey ninja ship and a pirate zombie ship.
RuneScape, possible mission report from the "Player-Owned Ports" minigame

Heck, yeah! Zombie pirate ninja fanboy in space!

He's a Nazi fucking werewolf?! (...) So he's also a ghost?! What the fuck.
Seras Victoria, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, regarding the Captain