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Ryu Hayabusa: [to Foster] I get two kinds of payment. The first I have already recieved.
Ryu Hayabusa: [in response for Foster's betrayal] The second... is you. Foster!

Irene Lew: Ryu... Wait...
Irene Lew: Ryu, what is the payment you have already recieved?

Ryu Hayabusa: She's right in front of me [cue to Ryu and Irene kissing].

Excerpt from the ending of the first NES game, Ninja Gaiden.

Genshin: [his final words] Are you there Dragon Ninja?... All grows dark... and silent... I have staked my name... I have fought with all of my being... all to forge a future for the black spider clan, I have no regrets... Just as you have pursued a cause greater than yourself, so too have I... Dragon ninja... take my cursed blade...

Ryu Hayabusa: [accepting the blade with respect] ... Genshin

Excerpt from the final battle against Genshin, in his final moments, Ninja Gaiden II (Xbox 360)

Evil? The ninja way knows neither good nor evil.
Genshin, Ninja Gaiden II (Xbox 360)

My strength comes from training, not from some curse in my blood.
Ryu Hayabusa, Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

The Dark Dragon is MINE!... No objections, I presume?
Murai, Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

Darkness is fated to eventually be destroyed...
Ryu Hayabusa, Warriors Orochi 3 note 


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