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Phirre: "Aw, why the face? He's your friend, isn't he? His appearance shouldn't dictate your attitude towards him."
Emai: "You misunderstood. My repulsed face was more towards the realization that you’re still here. Ugh, the irony of waking up to a nightmare."
— An exchange between Emai and Phirre after he turned Kreyul into a spider.

"Princess, if you, Kryon, and I were the last occupants on Earth, and if you and I must mate or face extinction, I'd pick Kryon. And I'm straight."
Phirre Lotus

"Nnngh, it's violating my phalanges."
Emai Kassu

"Questions: Who the hell is this poor girl, and why can't she afford fabric for her clothes? Who's the mystery voice? God?"
Seppi Seppy

"...Nothing happened. Disappointing, just like my love life."
Emai, when she tried to teleport Phirre to her.

"Whew-aside from your voice, your face is as basic as your personality."
Emai seeing Phirre's face for the first time.

"What if I like your scarf and want to plunder it? Do you think it’s your fault that I decide to stab and rob you of your property as well...the principle is almost the same. I have a knife, doesn’t mean I should stab you. What you wear does not equate consent. What your assailant chooses to do is beyond your control. Just as if I choose to strike you with a knife, that’s on me."
Kreyul on his views on consent while comforting a rape victim.

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