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"He just fell out the third- story window, plummeting toward certain doom. Of course he’ll live!"
Denth, Warbreaker

"Takatora is alive? Noooo! You mean to tell me that in fiction, unless you see a body or the body explodes, it's hard for someone to be really dead? I'm shocked!"

Helen: You did kill him, I assume?
Mel: I blew up the English department. No bodies were recovered.
Helen: [rolling eyes] Oh well. I suppose it will keep him out of my hair a little while.

Commander Thire: There's no sign of [Yoda's] body, sir.
Mas Amedda:Then he is not dead.
Palpatine: Double your search!
Commander Thire: Yes, sir. Right away, sir.

Harley Quinn: Now, you're gonna die and make everything right!
Batman: Except, he'll never believe you did it.
Harley: Huh? Sure, he will...
Batman: How's Joker going to know I'm really gone? All those fish will leave are scraps of bone and cloth. Anyone can fake that. True, you've got my belt, but it's not the same as a body. He'll never buy it.

Walter: Jeeves? You can't be!
The I-Jin of Jeeves: Did I really train you so badly, little Walter? Your beloved mentor went missing in action, and was never seen again. Eventually I was presumed to be dead, but in the absence of evidence, how could you be certain?
Walter: Easily. I killed him.
Jeeves: Ah. That does rather disrupt my calculations.

"Maybe you haven't heard - when someone 'dies' in a situation where it's impossible to find the body, in fiction, they're usually alive."
BigKlingy, discussing this trope in relation to the Black Knight

Robo: Jenkins? They don't have him, do they?
Abasi: Dead. An explosion. There was nothing left.
Robo: No body? He's alive.

Nick Fury: There's not too many actual rules to this game of ours, but one of the big ones is: if there is no corpse, the guy's alive


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