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"You're watching the Sci Fi Channel, television for the thrity-eight-year-old virgin"
—Pre-skit tagline from MADtv

* Kederaji is now officially offended by The Red Cross.
<FraX> How much blood did they want today?
<Kederaji> Well, you know that questionnaire they ask you before they poke you with the needle?
<FraX> Yeah.
<Kederaji> Well, the guy took a look at me and started marking all the sex related questions as "No".
<Kederaji> Didn't even bother to ask me, just marked them "No."
<Kederaji> The bastard.
<FraX> Was he right?
<Kederaji> He was, but that's not the point!

Nerd 1: I'm holding five energy cards and a Hokéycon!
Nerd 2: So? I'm holding three trainer cards and two evolution cards!
Musty: I know something these two will never hold-a woman!
MAD, Hokéycon

"I'll have you know that the great Hououin Kyouma, with his 170 IQ -the same as Isaac Newton's, might I add- finds research more interesting than girls!"
Okabe "Hououin Kyouma" Rintarou, Steins;Gate

Q: Who shot first? Han or Greedo?
A: Sleep with somebody.

Linus: What's the Klingon for "I'm going to die a virgin"?
Admiral Seasholtz: [Replies in fluent Klingon]

Yahtzee: (Increasingly amused)"... there's a moral choice aspect where you answer questions based on your own substantial experience with relationships *stifled laughter* "

Comic Book Guy: Inspired by the most logical race in the galaxy, the Vulcans, breeding will be permitted once every seven years. For many of you, this will mean much less breeding; for me, much much more.
Groundskeeper Willie: Ye cannae do that, sir! Ye don't have the power!
The Simpsons, "They Saved Lisa's Brain"


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