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How d'you do and hello, I'll be running the show, I'm your host and emcee.
The Cat In The Hat, Seussical, Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!

"I'm the Computer. The all-knowing, the all-sensing, the all-narrating... well, you get the point."
Alien Adventure by John Freda

Narrator: But the Gunfighter would find no peace, for the Henderson Boys were waiting in the corner to kill him for the $200 bounty on his head.
Gunfighter: That true? You boys trying to kill me like this voice is saying?
Oldest Henderson Boy:
Narrator: ...lied the Oldest Henderson Boy.
Oldest Henderson Boy: How do you know I'm lying?
Narrator: ...the Oldest Henderson Boy asked to the air.
Oldest Henderson Boy: No! I didn't ask the air, I'm asking you, you fucking...voice!
The Gunfighter (2014)

"VOICEOVER! David Healy (available for Bar Mitzvahs)."
David Healy, Red Rock Cider commercial