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"In true Superman fashion, Darkseid endures not only a savage beating, but also a cliched moral lecture. And trust me, those lectures are what make Superman, in my unreliable opinion, the perfect definition of a superhero."

"How can something be so stupid, yet so magical, all at the same time? Surely, we will never know."

"Part of Resident Evil's charm is how it continues to take itself seriously — despite having the most atrociously written story and dialogue of any product of human endeavor since Hulk Hogan took one too many clotheslines to the head and decided he could act."

Most critics also bring up the Russian to English translation, claiming it ranges from adequate to unintelligible... it flows with the lyrical jauntiness of a madman. As others have said, when most languages are mistranslated, you just get nonsense. Japanese to English produces a humorous "Engrish"...When Russian undergoes a rudimentary translation it seems to take on a lunatic, almost poetic grandeur. In the context of the hellish world that Pathologic presents, it fits rather well.

"It is no secret to say that Carey Blyton's score for Death to the Daleks has come in for some flack in the past, but I personally think that it is his most accomplished soundtrack for the series. I loved it as a child with its simple, catchy tunes and to this day I can join in with most of the cues. The Dalek theme has been bashed for being slightly comedic, but can you imagine those scenes of them wobbling along the sand dunes without it? Sacrilege."

"In the special features, Herrington, Swayze, and co-star Kelly Lynch all have a laugh at some of the stupid dialogue. But what they don't realize is that the dialogue is so dumb, it becomes brilliant again."

David: They finally beat everyone off the boat and chase Catwoman inside, where she trips and falls and Batman finally discovers she’s Kitka, leading to him staring at the camera for a few minutes while mournful opera music plays.
Chris: That’s another one of those things that I completely bought into as a kid. It’s a heartbreaker. Even if she was a commie.
David: Burt Ward looks legitimately mournful as he watches Batman try to deal with it, and then, of course, Bruce’s coping method is essentially denial. “It means nothing.
Chris: Well if there’s one thing we know about Batman, it’s that he deals pretty well with emotional trauma.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Batman: The Movie

"In short, it's a clattering pile of junk and no mistake. Every twist of direction is preannounced with a loud squeak, dramatized with a clanging literalness, and punctuated with a juddering crash. Fire engines have more subtlety. And yet it is strangely hard to dislike; the thing jumbles so many discordant elements together and makes such a racket about it that it is almost charming. It's like a compendium of all the worst comic book cliches."
Toonzone's review of the BTAS episode "Nothing to Fear".

"Titanic was the worst-written movie I ever happily saw twice."
Michael Phillips

"You've seen Marvel movies based on green giants, norse gods and these weirdos. Now, get ready for a hero so silly, no one can even keep a straight face when they say his dumb name, in a superpower heist film that against all odds... actually kinda works."

"Look how good Scorpion looks, man, look at him. He just looks so awesome! He's like a cheap Halloween costume, but fuck, he's so good!"
Joel, Vinesauce

"It's a little cheesy, but you gotta admit, it just sounds awesome."

"Perhaps the supreme example of the "good bad" book is Uncle Tom's Cabin. It is an unintentionally ludicrous book, full of preposterous melodramatic incidents; it is also deeply moving and essentially true; it is hard to say which quality outweighs the other."

Sam: You know that's a line from...
Dean: Swayze movie! (flips the middle finger) Swayze always gets a pass!
Supernatural, "Slash Fiction"

The "I'm Still Standing" video is a gem of cheerfully over the top ridiculousness. What it lacks in good, it makes up for in awesome. Anyone who doesn't get an unironic kick out of it is dead inside.

Silverbolt: Blackarachnia... oh dark poison of my heart!
"...And I've watched this movie like three times now, and consistently, I've found many plotholes, so much bad acting, bad writing, bad story... but the end of this movie... makes me cry... every time. Just thinking about it I'm tearing up. What's that all about?! Why is it making me cry?! Why is this bad movie making me cry? That's not fair! It is a happy ending. I'm just pissed that it makes me cry."

"To [Taylor] Swift’s credit as a performer, no other pop star could sing the lyrics 'Band-Aids don’t fix bullet holes' about a dispute over a backup dancer with a straight face."


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