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Mary: Excuse me—you don't have a cigarette on you, do you?
Tiffany: I'm sorry. I don't smoke. It's not that I worry about lung cancer, but it does stain your teeth.
Mary: Well, I worry terribly about lung cancer. I also worry about shortness of breath and heart disease. But what really worries me right this minute is that I'm not going to find a cigarette.

They had no interest in anything except this smoke, which came in regular little puffs down the tube, Then, it stopped. Clearly, the tubes were programmed, so that they puffed smoke for half an hour, then stopped doing so. After only a very few minutes, the rats' whole demeanour changed. They began to quarrel in earnest, even to fight and scratch one another. At the same time, they staggered to and fro, coughing and only half able to breathe.

Buster was chain-chewing an entire tube of tobacco pills.


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