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"Not everyone can be as everyday normal as ouzelum birds and bandersnatches, can they?"
Jim, Skin Deep

Tony: Okay, so what are these weirdo shops around here?
Blanche: Oh, well they are just full of the strangest, most magical items ever! Brodie's over there is a mysterious place called a "bakery". They sell bizarre and strange items like "biscuits" and "scones." Oh and over there is an ancient mythical establishment known as a "bookstore." Should I slow down? I know all these unfamiliar terms might be overwhelming.

Doc: Guys, I'm ordering lunch. What do you want on a pizza?
Swampy: Fieldmice and groundsquirrel!
Rainman: Lettuce and celery!
Jolly: Fish and pepperoni!
Bandit: Aerosol cheese!
Jinx: Can I get some lemming on my half?
Doc: [into the phone] Right, two of the usual.

Cliff: Nothing goes on in Podunk. That's why they call it Podunk.
Oscar: Said the teen wolf in the haunted house.

"And while we're on the subject of...of you, can you stop coughing up your teeth everywhere? Ok? Because you've gone and fucked up Henry The Hoover. He's knackered. We're on James The Hoover and I don't even know who the fuck that is, but it's disturbing."

"The Sheriff's secret police are searching for a fugitive by the name of Hiram McDaniels. Mr. McDaniels is described as a five-headed dragon approximately 18 feet tall and weighing 3600 pounds. He is suspected of insurance fraud."

"Bah. If you want to hurt someone with fire, just manipulate thermodynamic differentials with your fingertips, like a normal person."
Eugene Greenhilt, The Order of the Stick

"Man, real vampires are way less interesting than fictional ones."

"It's creepy! It's got the body of a centaur, but the head of a... something else!"
Princess Cherry encounters a horse, Dragon Mango

"I don't know. It's not like they live in an orbital habitat or on the other side of the planet. They live a long way away."
Winston, Freefall

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