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Quotes / Multi-Armed and Dangerous

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Thurl: Well, boy, you look like infantry material to me, can you fire a handgun?
Andy: Can I ever! You ever seen somebody handle four weapons at once?
Thurl: Yes, but it looks like you've got the same kind of stereo-articulated eyes I have. That means you're only gonna hit one target at a time, son. Same as the rest of us.
Andy: Oh.
Thurl: Don't sweat it. I'll put down 'Very enthusiastic,' and 'Seen too many john woo movies.' You're in.

Jax: Wait, you're not Shokan?
Kollector: They have four arms, we have six.
Jax: Must be something in Outworld's water.

And whereas a human being can swing only one space-axe or fire only two ray-guns at a time, the Rigellian plunged through space toward what was left of the pirate vessel, swinging not one or two space-axes, but four; each held in a lithe and supple, but immensely strong, tentacular "hand".


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