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The Wizards Blackwolf (the Big Bad) and Avatar are finally facing off at the end of the film.

Avatar: Lemme tell ya - I ain't practiced much magic for a long time. I wanna show you a trick mother showed me when you weren't around, to use on special occasions like this. Oh yeah... one more thing: I'm glad you changed your last name, you son of a bitch!

Avatar whips a pistol out of his sleeve and shoots Blackwolf dead.

Kurumu: What idiots would attack the home of a vampire lord?
Dark: Ones that have human technology.
Rason: Yeah, but still, a dark lord? That's a pretty tough mountain to climb over. Even if Fairy Tale is powerful, it would probably take everything they had to make a dent, right?
Dark: [shakes his head and holds up one finger] One nuclear missile. End of story.
Mizore: There's a reason we're trying to learn to co-exist, remember? Human weapons are far more dangerous and powerful than monster might and magic. Not to mention they outnumber us greatly.

Moka: Please, you don't understand.
HDA Soldier: What's not to understand? You're a monster just like all of your kind!
Moka: You don't understand! We're not your enemies! We're not here to take over your world! For God's sake, we're scared to death of you! [the crowd quiets down at that] Why do you think we were hiding? Why do you think we were so worried about revealing ourselves to you? Why do you think we had to learn to blend in to survive here in your world? We're scared of you! Terrified! You humans own the Earth, there's absolutely no disputing about that. You outnumber us a thousand to one at the very least, you have weapons and technology that put to shame our best warriors and magic, you're the dominant species in this world! As terrifying and dangerous as we seem, you're the ones that are truly powerful and feared!

Judge: You're a fool. No weapon forged can stop me!
Buffy: That was then. [lifts up a massive rocket launcher] This is now.
[Angelus and Drusilla immediately scramble for cover while the Judge just stands there]
Judge: What's that do?
[Buffy fires the rocket at the Judge, blowing him to smithereens]

Doctor Cid: Tell me, Venat, have I not been an apt pupil?
Venat: My counsel did but guide your able hand. Through power of man, the stones did you perfect. Yes, so much accomplished in six fleeting years. Man's fervor o'er all obstacles prevailing.

There is no type resistance to 'baseball bat'.

Kreia: Take the greatest Jedi Knight, strip away the Force, and what remains? They rely on it, depend on it, more than they know. Watch as one tries to hold a blaster, as they try to hold a lightsaber, and you will see nothing more than a woman - or a man. A child.
Atton: But to lose so much... I guess I didn't realize how much they relied on it.
Kreia: Do not be surprised. In many ways, even you are more capable than a Jedi. You could survive where they could not simply because you do not hear the Force as they do. It is irony of a sort - and it is why I tolerate your presence now.

Wan Shi Tong: Your Waterbending won't do you much good here. I've studied Northern Water style, Southern Water style, even Foggy Swamp style.
[Sokka drops from the ceiling and knocks Wan Shi Tong unconscious with a heavy book.]
Sokka: That's called Sokka style. Learn it!

"Meyer thinks that humans are limited to two types of weapons: guns and slow-moving bombs. Oh, Meyer. You silly, silly bitch. There is one thing that we humans have been consistently good at since we first picked up a rock and looked speculatively at that turtle hiding smugly inside of its shell:
We’re really,
really good at figuring out how to kill things."
Das Sporking on the epilogue of Breaking Dawn

"Fancy magic, fire and noise. All outdone... by humanity's toys."

I've finally figured out how to bypass the defenses of Voldemort's hideout. It was actually easier than dealing with the Mob, since Death Eaters aren't quite as good as taking pain as they are dishing it out. They also have absolutely no experience or talent for psychological warfare or interrogation, rather they just choose to cast a few spells and expect things to work. They also don't expect people to be able to dodge. They called me a muggle, whatever that means. I called them target practice.

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