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Quotes / Mucking in the Mud

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Dog (After he lands in a large puddle of mud during a game of fetch) Got it!
Slim: Dog, you'd better get out of there and clean yourself up.
Dog: Uh... (He tries to exit the mud, but he can't) I can't.
Slim: Yes you can! We'll just go to the pond so you can have a bath.
Dog: No! I can't move! I'm stuck in the mud!

A nearby stagnant pool offers plenty of opportunities to scavenge meat, as many dinosaurs have come here to drink and become stuck in its thick mud.

Tuck: A baby elephant! She's stuck in the mud!
Ming-Ming: This is serious!
Linny: We have to help her!
Wonder Pets!, "Save the Elephant"

Maney! Oh, thank hubs! I'm stuck in "quick-mud"! It's past my pastern and almost at my fetlock! Those are horse parts. I think I only have like six hours or so before I'm a goner!
Mackenzie, Craig of the Creek, "Memories of Bobby"

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