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Vesper: So as charming as you are, Mr. Bond, I will be keeping my eye on our government's money — and off your perfectly-formed arse.
Bond: You noticed?
Vesper: Even accountants have imaginations.

The mandatory Skinner in his underpants sequence (it seems it is mandatory in these episodes now) is far hotter than it has any right to be. There is something undeniably hot about seeing somebody that you normally see in an official capacity in the buff, isn’t there? Oh just me then. Regardless, Mitch Pileggi clearly knows how to look after himself.
Joe Ford on The X-Files, "Zero Sum"

I know! A Stallone movie that takes every possible chance to show off his body? It’s a true rarity.

Your dream came (among other things) true today if your #1 fantasy is seeing Jax from Sons of Anarchy as a traveling Ren Faire security guard. Entertainment Weekly decided to go with the headline “Charlie Hunnam is King Arthur,” but I would’ve gone with something a little more elegant like “Charlie Hunnam Will Put His Sword In Your Stone.

It's not just that this is a comic that has canonized the idea that Dick Grayson's butt is so perfectly sculpted that it can identify him just as surely as a fingerprint, it's taken it all a step further. He's literally fighting crime with the power of weaponized handsomeness at this point, and that’s great.

King: Do you find that more girls are playing? And I ask this question because I’ve heard from very reliable sources about Link – the character Link – that Link is hot… Is Link hot to you?”
Fils-Aime: Link is hot. I gotta say Link is hot. But, yeah, more girls are playing video games and we pride ourselves that we’ve been able to lead that charge.
CBS This Morning

Krillin: So, what's your deal?
Trunks: I'm here because we have no female fanbase.

This body is flawless! Everyone wants a piece of me, and I got the creepy fan-letters to prove it!
Angel Dust, Hazbin Hotel

"When they came down in 83', Watts after they watched the TV, Watts said 'Well what do you think guys?" Jarrett said "Where's the blowjobs?" He said "What the fuck, get your own fucking blowjobs!", "No, you don't understand." Because Bill Watts had a crew of big badass motherfuckers who kicked ass and the people believed his fucking wrestling but he had all ugly big kick ass fuckers and he wasn't appealing to the girls and once he got Terry Taylor and The Rock 'n' Roll Express and Magnum was really cookin then all of the sudden the crowds were fifty sixty percent girls, especially young girls and there became the blowjobs. That was the key, he had to get young fucking good looking baby faces."


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