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Quotes / Mordheim: City of the Damned

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    Luthor Wolfenbaum 

"So, you've decided to brave the City of the Damned in search of gold and glory? There's no shortage of people who've tried before you. If you look hard enough, you'll find their bones littering the ruins. Mordheim doesn't forgive mistakes, so you'd better not make any. I'll say this for you: You've taken the first step to surviving. You had the good sense to seek out Luthor Wolfenbaum. I've forgotten more about this city than you'll ever learn. Listen to me and you just might leave this place with the fame and fortune you're after."

"I'm not sure what oaths and vows bind you to Baron von Leitdorfer's service. I'm not really interested in the Imperial pretensions of Reikland's Grand Prince either. You need to concentrate on one thing only, and that's the task immediately before you. Aye, there's wyrdstone in the ruins, ready for the taking, but there's other things in the ruins too. You've got those murdering maniacs from the Rock, ready to kill anyone they find with even the smallest shard on them. They're bad, but even worse are the degenerates who've taken to worshipping the comet that smashed Mordheim. They're twisted in both mind and body, and will happily dump your body into the Pit as an offering to their Shadowlord. You'll even see things you wouldn't believe prowling the ruins: The venomous underfolk, the Skaven of legend, are quite real, I assure you. They'll steal your wyrdstone and gnaw your bones given the chance."

"Aye, the dangers are great, but if you were cowardly you'd never have made the journey here. There's treasure to be had, if you're bold and ruthless enough to claim it. This city chews up the timid and weak, so remember that and keep your men strong. Do that, and you might just survive."

Human Mercenaries campaign introduction

    Fylch Sharptail 

"Mordheim-nest have much-much warpstone! Clan Eshin make trouble-pain to keep other clans away! Must be swift-silent, not let other clans learn-know! We take-fetch all warpstone! Smart-wise Skaven make-take much power-rank with warpstone. Keep-steal from stupid man-things and take-bring to Under-Empire."

"Many man-things in Mordheim-nest. Many other things, too. All want-take warpstone. Make them die-die! Sister-things from river hide warpstone under fort-nest! Cult-things take warpstone to daemon-hole! Soldier-things take warpstone away to baron-things! All must die-die!"

"Best-quick trail to rank-power is swear-serve great Murderlord Snikkit! Snikkit much wise, much strong! Most high underling of Clan Eshin's revered-feared Nightlord! Even in holy Skavenblight, they know of Murderlord Snikkit! Great-mighty Snikkit, best of all assassin-lords! Maybe becomes Deathmaster someday. It is smart to serve Snikkit and share his glory. Make much-much helping Snikkit gnaw-crush all rivals."

"Wise-smart Skaven work with Fylch, yes? Not-never hear-learn about Fylch Sharptail? Fylch Sharptail, greatest killer in all Clan Eshin! Fylch strangled Will-helm the baron-thing and make it look like hungry troll ate him! Fylch drown Warlord Kripnik after his ship sink fighting dragon-thing! Poxkeeper Bilebreath choke on own plague when Fylch drop big rock on his tail! Not-never hear-learn about Fylch? Best assassin is one nobody knows! Be proud-honour to work for Fylch! Fylch will let you find much-much wyrdstone for him! Great-great honor!"

Skaven campaign introduction


     Bertha Bestraufrung 

"In the name of most holy Sigmar, I greet you, Sister. Your service and dedication to our order has long been on my mind. As High Matriarch, I must put your conviction and valour to the ultimate test. Hold fast to your faith, keep Sigmar's glory in your heart, remember the tenets of your devotion, and I know you will acquit yourself as a Matriarch should."

"Well do you know the calamity that visited judgement on this city. The Hammer of Sigmar descended from the heavens to strike down the wickedness of this place. The Rock alone was our tiny bastion of piety within the decadence of Mordheim. Yet in maintaining our own purity, did we not forsake our duty to the people around us? Did we not become frustrated and abandon them to their wantonness? In that, we wronged Sigmar, and for our crime our order must be redeemed. The Cult of Sigmar has branded us heretics and worse. We must prove to them, prove to the Grand Theogonist himself, that our faith has not been tainted."

"Only by cleansing the corruption from Mordheim, atoning for our earlier failures, can we be restored. It is a dangerous duty I must entrust to you, to lead a warband of our Sisters into the ruins and gather the corrupt wyrdstone. If Mordheim is to be purged, then the taint must be locked away where it can work no further harm. There are many who covet the foul stones, both human and inhuman. You must persecute them all with the zeal of Holy Sigmar, you can't allow mercy to temper your purpose. Let nothing cause you to falter in this sacred duty, for it is only through our faith that we can emerge from this darkness and walk again in the light of glory and honour!"

Sisters of Sigmar campaign introduction

    Merga Ottweiler 

"I can feel your ambition and your desire. I can see it rising from your tainted flesh, boiling up from your blackened soul. You are not content to merely be, you must know why. That is good. That is as it should be. Many are consumed by the power of Chaos. It is only the select few who aspire to understand."

"You may call me Merga. I came to this place on behalf of the Purple Hand to discover the Change that had been visited upon Mordheim. Do not listen to the Sigmarite fools, it was no judgement of their puny god that descended upon this city: It was the blessing of the Dark Gods we serve! They see only destruction, their minds yearning for what was and refusing to accept what is. We know better. We see not corruption, but liberation in the touch of our gods. What is Chaos if not freedom? Freedom from the tyrannies of flesh and form, of spirit and soul! Escape from the lies we have been told to accept as reality!"

"Since coming here, I have heard the whispers of the Shadowlord. I have felt his glory surround me until my body was wrapped in his darkness. Behold the Change worked upon me. Gaze upon the might of the Dweller in the Pit! Beside him, even the Purple Hand are but blind children!"

"You have heard the Shadowlord's call. You have cast aside the chains of morality and mercy, cut the weakness and doubt from your mind. A greater calling beckons you - to serve the Ruinous Powers. Gather the wyrdstone, return its darkness to the Pit. By it's malefic energies, shall the Shadowlord grow strong. Kill those who would dare oppose you! Let them be offerings to Old Night! Glory and horror await you, the wonders and terrors of real truth! Of Chaos!"

Cult of the Possessed campaign introduction

    Wilheim Krieger 

"Gaze upon this blighted place, my brother! Has such abomination ever been visited on Sigmar's glorious empire before? Well can I understand those who would harken to the claim that we are being punished for straying from His light."

"Forgive me, brother, I forget to introduce myself. I am High Capitular Wilheim Krieger. Long has my family sent its sons to serve the Order of the Silver Hammer, but I felt called to a different path and took the oaths of the Order of the Anvil. The ways of our god are many, however, and here I am fighting beside you all the same. For what man of courage and conscience could sit idle in Wolfenburg Cathedral when our Grand Theogonist has proclaimed Sigmar's punishment onto Mordheim?"

"The City of the Damned, for such this place has become, draws all that is evil to it. Herre the taint of Chaos has gone to ground. Abominable Cults of the Possessed have risen, flocking to these ruins to celebrate the depravity that has consumed their souls. The vile underfolk - the Skaven - slink through the desolation. The heretical Sisters of Sigmar cloak their inquities in the name of our god. Opportunistic mercenaries loot the rubble, searching for shards from the Hammer of Sigmar. It is that theft that concerns the Grand Theogonist the most."

"Our duty here is twofold. The evils that infest Mordheim must be purged by sword and flame. The wyrdstone shards from the comet must be recovered. Only Sigmar's temple has the wisdom to safely harness the powers of the shards, only we have rightful claim to them. The wealth the wyrdstone can bring to the Temple will make us strong enough to end the division that racks the Empire and unite mankind once more under a single ruler."

"All glory to Mighty Sigmar that He has chosen us for this sacred duty!"

Witch Hunters campaign introduction

    Katherina von Dernsbach 

"You have been paid a great honour by our lord and master, Count Vlad von Carstein. Among his subjects, living and undead, it is you who have been entrusted with this important task. I wonder if you appreciate the enormity of the task ahead of you. The master expects much from you."

"I can sense your suspicion of me. It is true that I once served Queen Neferata, but it is in the halls of Drakenhof that my loyalty is now bound. Do you see this ring? It is Count Vlad's token, his sign that Katherina von Dernsbach is his vassal and agent. Beware, for I am his eyes and ears in Mordheim. What I learn, the master will know."

"Look upon the ruin of Mordheim. The mortals fear this desolation, only the bold or desperate come here to scavenge or steal, only the most fanatical have come here to claim this devastation in the name of their gods. The earth, the waters, even the very air have become tainted by the dark energies that have wrought this destruction. Nothing that lives can linger here without being transformed in either flesh or spirit."

"Such concerns matter little to us. Our magic will sustain us against the malignity of the ruins. For the danger is little when set against the reward. The power that lies scattered across Mordheim offers a key to feats of necromancy not dared since Great Nagash walked the land. Littered about the ruins are the wyrdstone shards, vessels of incredible arcane energies. In the hands of Count Vlad, these shards will transform the world, tearing down the fractuous realms of men."

"Your duty is clear. Find the wyrdstone and you will have a share in Count Vlad's ambition. Fail him and I promise you will find there is no escape from his rage, even in the grave."

Undead campaign introduction


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