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Fan Works

"How many times have I told you clowns?" a sky-commander shouted into his radio-mike. "Never shoot a flying saucer when it's over a national landmark!"

She reached down and yanked a monorail off its support pylons. Wielding it like a bat'leth, she headed for the nearest national monument and began to redecorate it with the fervour of a Ray Harryhausen film.
Attack of the 50-Ft. Half-Klingon


"It looks like the storm is following an unusual pattern of hitting the world's most famous landmarks first, then spreading to the rest of the world."


"They like to get the landmarks."
David Levinson, Independence Day: Resurgence

Apache Pilot: Damn. Ah... That's a negative [missile] impact, sir. That is negative impact.
Mayor Ebert: "Negative impact"? That's the goddamned Chrysler Building!


Liberty had been one of the first to get it, her bronze beauty volatilized, radio-activated, and even now being carried about in vagrant winds, spreading over the earth...
— "Thunder and Roses", Theodore Sturgeon

Tabletop Games

If they don't blow up at least ten national monuments, I'm out of here!
Summer Blockbuster flavor text, Chez Geek

Web Original

"In 2002, aliens invaded and rebuilt the World Trade Center, only just to blow it up again. Which was kind of a dick move."
Yahtzee and Gabriel Let's Play Manhunter

"I could build my own facility, equip it with all kinds of modern equipment and technology, make it state of the art. Or I could somehow buy a national park and retrofit a 70-plus-year-old prison, because it would make a cool site for a big battle. There really is no question here, is there?"
Matt Wilson on X-Men: The Last Stand

"So why is Apocalypse attacking the Statue of Liberty? I have no idea. I guess he just saw the opening of G.I. Joe: The Movie and figured it was a thing bad guys did every now and then."
Chris Sims on X-Men, "Obsession"

The Major: Tonight... we annihilate London!
Vampire Nazi: Umm, all of London?
The Major: All of London. Buckingham Palace — laid to waste. Big Ben — toppled to the ground!
Vampire Nazi: The House of Parliament?
The Major: Eradicated.
Vampire Nazi #2: The Tower of London?
The Major: Obliterated!
Herr Doktor: The Holocaust Museum?
The Major: [gestures to halt] Leave that be. No one will deny what we did.


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