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Quotes / Monstrous Cannibalism

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"'Ere now! Wot do you think you're doin'?" bellowed the big Black Orc Boss.
Furtive Goblin faces turned round and flinched instinctively. "Nuffink, Boss, just 'aving a bit of grub is all," whimpered the bravest of the greenskins.
"Don't give me that. Yer up to sumfink..." The towering Orc looked round suspiciously. "Where's Ratgash? You 'avent't... 'et im?"
There was a shocked silence.
"Et Ratgash," the Goblin sounded hurt. "Et Ratgash. That's disgustin', Boss. E's one of us ladz."
"Besides," squeaked another greenskin. "E's all grease and gristle, 'im. Give us all innagestion e' would."
"Then who is this, then?" The Black Orc pointed a damning claw towards the meal. "And none of yer lies or I'll give yer sumfink a whole lot worse than innagestion."
"Er... Gitter, Boss. One of Maggot's lot. But 'e was dead when we found 'em." The Goblin paused a moment. "'Course 'e claimed 'e was just sleepin'... but that lot is all liars, ain't they?"
The Goblins nodded in unison. No Goblin really trusted another, and with good reason.
"Carry on, then," pronounced the Black Orc. "And you'll save me a leg if you know what's good for you!"

Owen: What happened to the sibling?
Claire: She ate it.

Why did they hate me, my son? My own kith and kin, as it were? Why do all vampires hate other vampires? Why, the answer to that is the very simplest thing! The blood is the life, Dragosani! Oh, the blood of swine will suffice if there's nought better to sup, and the blood of fowls and sheep. Better far, however, the blood of men, as you'll very soon be obliged to discover for yourself. But over and above all other vessels, the true nectar of life may only be sipped from the veins of another vampire!
Thibor Ferenczy, Necroscope

I looked up just in time to see a Taxxon slip from the mag-lev train track overhead. He hit the ground like a bag of goo. His needle legs crumpled and his worm body split open.
It was pandemonium! Taxxons came rushing from all sides. WHUMPF! A big Taxxon slammed into me, practically knocking me over. More of them, all rushing, came toward their fallen friend.
But they were not rushing to help.
They were rushing to eat the still-living Taxxon.
Animorphs - The Andalite Chronicles


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