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How you prattle! I've had fleas with more sense. I am the oldest of the firstborn, spawned out of the slime after the deluge! Time's byways are mine to prowl and hunt, and all other wolves are my progeny! Humans were raised as my cattle — a right I should have taken long ago, even for those who deny our heritage!

The first of their kind to draw breath was Krakanrok the Black, who arose from a primordial swamp over a thousand years before the Old Ones found this sphere. I have not had the honour of meeting him, but I’m reliably told that each of his foreclaws is as large as a warhorse and when he takes a full breath, all within a hundred paces fall unconscious due to the lack of air, as it is all sucked into his titanic lungs.
Dr Athren Abolas on dragon-ogres (which are not related to either), Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Old World Bestiary — A Compendium of Creatures Fair and Foul

You stand, wiping blood from your lips, and crack your neck as the wounds from the fall close. You test your tongue on lengthening teeth and pass a hand over skin that glows like moonlight.
You were the first vampire. You do not fear the sun.
Kanaya Maryam, The Land Of Dragons and Dungeons, a Homestuck/Pathfinder crossover fic.

"Pitiful. Flawed castings from a perfect mold. Absalom was always the strongest of you."
Samael to Death, Darksiders II


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