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The well-aimed bottles hit the tank. The flames spread quickly. The blast of the explosion is heard. The machine stands motionless. The crew is burned alive. The other two tanks turn around and withdraw. The Germans who took cover behind them withdraw in panic. We take leave of them with a few well-aimed shots and grenades.
An Account from the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943

"Any time I had a problem, I threw a Molotov cocktail and, boom, I had a different problem."
Jason Mendoza, The Good Place

Blackwater Cocktails were concocted when more conventional explosives ran low. These improvised fire bombs leave a self-fueled blaze upon impact and are particularly effective against tightly packed enemies.

"Wow. I guess Lord Shojo's liver will thank me for that..."
Miko Miyazaki uses aged dwarven brandy for this trope, The Order of the Stick

"My comrades tied a rope around my waist and lowered me on top of Nazi tanks. I'd stuff Molotovs under turret and cannon, and they pulled me up again. Eight years old! They called me Tank Boy. I took a lot of Nazi tanks. A lot."
Commander Daskal, The Beast of War


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