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Mister Trouble never comes around,
When he hears this mighty sound!
That means that Mighty Mouse is on the way!
Yes sir, when there is a wrong to right,
Mighty Mouse will join the fight!
On the sea or on the land,
He gets the situation well in hand!
So though we are in danger,
There's no need to despair!
For when we are in danger he is there!
On the land! On the sea! In the air!
We're not worrying at all!
We're just waiting for his call!
That means that Mighty Mouse is on the way!
- The classic theme song to Mighty Mouse Playhouse (by Philip Schieb and Marshall Barer).

Here he comes, that Mighty Mouse...
Coming to vanquish the foe with a mighty blow
So don't be afraid anymore
'Cause things won't be like they've been before!
"Here I come to save the day!"
Thank goodness Mighty Mouse is on his way!
So let the trumpet players play
For Mighty Mouse is here today!
Here he comes, that Mighty Mouse
Just like a bolt from the blue
With a heart that's true
Fighting evil, fighting crime
And always there in the nick of time!
Here he comes to save the day!
And he will prove that crime will never pay!
So let the trumpet players play
For Mighty Mouse is here to-DAY!
- The no-less inspiring Mighty Mouse - The New Adventures theme.

Ralph Bakshi: I had a car accident[...]I needed a show to sell to get going again. So I pulled a small crew together, with John and a few different guys who worked for me before and who I really loved. We developed many shows, and Mighty Mouse was not one of them. I brought the shows up to Judy Price at CBS. She turned down all the ideas John and I had developed, including Ren And Stimpy. Then at the end I said, "I have another idea. I own the rights to ''Mighty Mouse''." I did not own the rights to Mighty Mouse, but I had worked with Terrytoons as a young man on Mighty Mouse, and I knew Mighty Mouse wasn't around anywhere. She said, "I'd buy that show tomorrow. That's a perfect hit show." So I said, "Okay, call my agent, make a deal." And as she was calling, I was trying to find out who owned the rights to Mighty Mouse. I found out Viacom had bought all of Terrytoons' work, so I ran over to them, and they said, "Please, do something with this crap. We don't know what to do with it." So we made a deal just in the nick of time, as Judy was finishing with my lawyer. I told Judy the story and she said, "I knew you didn't have the rights, Ralph, but I knew you'd get them." And we did what we felt was right for Saturday morning. We didn't do anything wrong. We had a hit show"
-Ralph Baskhi, explaining to The AV Club how the The New Adventures came to be.

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