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Gabe: Real Racing 4 is great, but damn, is it expensive. That last fill-up was a hundred and fifty bucks! I guess it is a Ferrari, though.
Tycho: No, it's not. I can't believe you are filling up your fake car with fake gas with real money.
Gabe: Listen, man. I don't want to run out of gas during a race! Then I gotta pay for the tow.

We've entered an ecosystem where games are no longer sold to players, but are instead leased to them piecemeal, where it is perfectly acceptable to create an unfinished product because the sheep just don't fucking care about their rights as a consumer. And one of the problems that this ecosystem presents is that games have no more room for flavour text and fun, because to have too much fun would mean that there won't be any more opportunities to sell more of the game to them later on down the line, in microtransactions and character skins and other devious practices which have, due to the ignorance and disinterest for the disgusting and unwashed gamer masses, become the standard norm for games, paid, free, or otherwise. It is no longer enough for companies to charge eighty dollars - eighty fucking bucks, the price of two week's worth of groceries - per game, in addition to the four to six hundred dollars for the games console itself, but it is only once they start adding in ways to continue extracting money from you even after you've paid this exorbitant price for a luxury product, that they will become placated until they find more ways to nickel and dime you.

Take a step back, people, because this has all gotten way too fucking normalized. When you charge money for something you can produce infinitely at zero cost, like in-game currency, that is not a service. That is the fucking death of economics as a concept. How the fuck did we get here from basic principles of trade? It's like walking up to a dude in the stocks in the village square and saying "If you give me three turnips, I'll spit in your face."
Yahtzee Croshaw, Zero Punctuation

Error: Thank you for purchasing Windows! We know this software cost a lot of money! Please note that to log on you require the "Logging On" DLC, available for $29.95 plus tax!
Sam: There better not be a fucking "Start Button" DLC or I'll start throwing my computer at the wall.
Mario: Fafa, where do we keep the credit cards?!
Fafa: NO!
Mario: Oh, please! I need to buy magic paintbrush and extra lives and I can send jelly boosters to all of my friends!
Fafa: You sound like a crazy person!