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"To high mountain-peaks of sanctity he would have climbed, had not the tendency been thwarted by the burden, whatever it might be, of crime or anguish, beneath which it was his doom to totter. It kept him down, on a level with the lowest; him, the man of ethereal attributes, whose voice the angels might have listened to and answered! But this very burden it was that gave him sympathies so intimate with the sinful brotherhood of mankind, so that his heart vibrated in unison with theirs, and received pain into itself,and sent its own throb of pain through a thousand other hearts, in gushes of sad, persuasive elegance."
Narration, The Scarlet Letter on Reverend Dimmesdale

Kaladin: I'm putting it all on the long bet. If I die, then they'll come out, shake their heads, and tell themselves they knew it would happen. But if I live, they'll remember it. And it will give them hope. They might see it as a miracle.
Syl: Do you want to be a miracle?
Kaladin: No. But for them, I will be.

"Appears before Judgment Day to save the virtuous. He is a universal figure, appearing in myth around the world. Many stories involve his death and rebirth."
Persona 3, Compendium Info for Messiah

"The Emperor Protects."

"A lot of people of a lot of faiths are waiting for the Messiah, but even if one arrives, how are you going to tell the difference between him and Fred Rogers?"

"We believe in the Daughter of the Lamb, hallowed savior and anointed vessel, whose blood with our blood, sin with our sin, mind with our minds, life with our life, lifts us up from the depths, transcends base temptation, and delivers us all from ego. We commend ourselves to the New and Unknown, borne by our common strength, and guided by the Lamb."
Father Simon Wales, on Eleanor Lamb, Bioshock 2

"You're a Jesus, Harry."

"I am God made man... the living incarnation of a Norse thunder deity sent here by my father in Valhalla to purify the earth again"
— Thor, The Ultimates


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