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    Playground of Destruction 
Fiona: Mattias, you ready?
Mattias: I'm always ready. Always. Ready.
Fiona: You know they say the DMZ's the most dangerous place on Earth?
Mattias: Just wait 'til I get there.
Fiona: Easy, boy! Just don't forget about our payday, okay?
Mattias: Forget a hundred-million dollars? Impossible.

    World in Flames 
Mattias: I'm used to people trying to kill me, but this is something personal.
Chris: Yeah! No one shoots him in the ass and gets away with it!

Mattias: I yearn for a mission that's boom, boom and boom.

Mattias: Let me in! I got the guns you lost!
UP Guard: Who's askin'?
Mattias: Nilsson. I'm here for your boss.
UP Guard: Oh, right. You're the merc Solano shot in the ass. Hey, thanks for the guns, but Dr. Rubin, you know she's got us. Maybe she don't need you.
Mattias: I'm not really the negotiating type. Let me in, or I kill you all!

Oh no, oh no, oh no
Yo yo yo
Oh no you didn't
Sucker tried to play me
But you never paid me, neva
Oh no you didn't
Payback is a-coming
You will be runnin' foreva
Oh no you didn't
Until I get my vengeance
I will never end this mayhem
Oh no you didn't
I'm a mercenary
You ain't got a prayer, you owe meeee
—"Oh No You Didn't", written for the Xbox 360 advert for Mercenaries 2

Fiona: Think of it as a glorified babysitting job.
Mattias: (horrified) Why would someone sit on a baby?

Mattias: (picking up an AK-47) I'm going to name you Lovisa. Let's go kill a whole lot of people, Lovisa!


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